Friday, July 20, 2012

Lay It On The Line - UK Hardcore - 4-Song EP

Lay It On the Line are a hardcore band from South London, England. Described as melodic hardcore, don't stop reading if you're immediately getting images of bands like Final Fight (who are great), Lay It On The Line is much more a hardcore band that has some melodic elements to a more traditional angry and riff filled attack.

The band formed in January of 2012 and recorded a demo shortly after, followed in May with this 4-song EP, "A Lesson In Personal Finance". Each song checks in under three minutes (with Pay Your Rent, Boy coming in under a minute) and builds a good pace without any songs sounding drawn out or forced. With some well placed slightly chugging riffs that definitely draw from heavier hardcore bands and little leads to add flavor and drums and bass that balance and fill out the sound, the music is very strong, especially for a band only roughly 5 months old at the time of recording. Something about the vocals helps to put the band over the top for me, from good sounding band with potential, to new band I am excited to hear more from. While none of it is re-inventing the wheel kind of stuff, it's a fresh sounding EP and the vocals have an almost spacey kind of sound at times to their gruff scream. Where many similarly sounding vocalists would likely opt for a more guttural sound, the vocals here blend into the mix somewhat, and work with the music instead of above or below it.

All in all, a great 4 song ep.

Check their Tumblr and Bandcamp for updates, more music (inc. their demo), and up coming shows. As always, be on the look out for new bands even more than the magical old records. Support the here and now, now.

DOWNLOAD: Lay It On The Line - "A Lesson In Personal Finance" EP

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