Thursday, March 31, 2011

Under Your Influence - SSD Tribute Comp. 7inch

GLLLLLUUUUUUUEEEEEEEE!!!!! Where Fear & Weapons Meet kick off this fine tribute 7inch with the SSD anthem. This really is one of the better tribute records out there, and being a 6 song 7inch helps, all the bands can pick a song from the SSD catalog that is of supreme quality and no one gets stuck with How We Rock (really though, tribute lp's of a single band can lag, but a 7inch gives you just enough cover song enjoyment for one sitting).

The aforementioned Where Fear and Weapons Meet kick it off and it just follows with a bit of a who's who of late 90's old school/revival influenced bands; Ten Yard Fight, Committed, Fast Times, Time Flies, & Kill Your Idols round out the record. The record label should have tried to sneak the Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover of "Police Beat" on the record (which is such a fucking great cover!).

All in all, a tribute record the way it should be- a great band to pull songs from, a good

selection of bands in a fairly similar style to each other (I like different covers as much as the next guy, but look at the Bad Brains tribute as a case in point, the odd covers stand out like sore thumbs), and the record end just about the time you realize its started (it just restarted as I type this)- 6 songs: 9 minutes. Enjoy & a big thank you to Vicious Circle for putting this record out!

DOWNLOAD LINK FIXED: "Under Your Influence" Comp.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Youngblood Records Ad from 1997

Nice little ad from one of the better "old school" labels of the mid 90's/early 00's (still a great label).

Also, if any of you have that Bladecrasher 7inch (or the demo), get in touch, I'd love to have it, or that Rancor 7inch.

Monday, March 28, 2011

God Forgot - Don't Touch / Sex Is A Weapon

God Forgot was Dan O'Mahoney & Kevin Murphy's side project in/around the time they were both in 411. Not nearly as melodic as 411's sound, God Forgot bridges the gap from the aforementioned 411 to bands like Quicksand. The first track "Don't Touch" could be a lost recording of 411 that didn't fit the style & "Sex is A Weapon" leans far more towards Quicksand with its grooving sound

Overall, a nice little two song 7inch of Post-Hardcore that unfortunately never recorded any more. As most know, Dan went on to Speak 714 and John Henry Holiday; he's also written a few books, has done some work with spoken word and has a non-musical project called Silence Lies. Kevin would play in Triggerman with many other OC Hardcore alums and eventually found his way into the long running Farside.

DOWNLOAD: God Forgot - Don't Touch / Sex Is A Weapon

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Admiral - "Revolving and Loading" 7inch

It's safe to say that Ebullition has a classic sound, right? In fact, probably a few classic sounds. Admiral definitely fits into the tried and true emo/hardcore sound of the mid-90's, one which Ebullition helped nurture and grow.

This 3-song 7inch released on Ebullition, consists of some very Fugazi era Ian MacKaye vocals over mid-paced punky hardcore. The songs here build and rise from slower starts and hit the occasional faster part, and plenty of of drums and bass parts where the guitar drops out as the singer belts out the vocals.

Not a bad track and not a moment that disappoints in these three tracks of emo|hardcore. Download, reminisce, enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Admiral - Revolving & Loading 7inch

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dirty Dirt & the Dirts - Self Titled 7inch

LAST WEEKEND OF MARCH- 2 months of the blog going strong...

When I think of late 90's hardcore from Los Angeles Dirty Dirty & the Dirts are one of those bands that come first to mind along with No Reply, Lifes Halt, & Carry On.
Punky hardcore and screamed vocals that occasionally go to monotone spoken words, with lyrics running the political to the personal; dealing with issues of isolation, individualism, and the absurd concept that the pinnacle of one's life could occur before their 18th birthday. It seemed like every other show at places like the PCH, Che, Koos, and the Smell had some combo of DD&D, Field of Fire, Lifes Halt, No Reply, What Happens Next?, & the Nerve Agents. I wouldn't say it was a magical time, but it sure was a lot of fun and DD&D was a large part of that reason for me.

Other than this 7inch, they had a track on the "As the Sun Sets" Comp (posted on It Follows HERE) as well as the Youngblood comp "Memories of Tomorrow" and the great "SK8 or Die" comp (which will be posted here later). I'd guess they had a demo, but ive never heard nor seen it. After DD&D's demise singer Rich turned up in Esperanza who were a bit more punk/fast hardcore. I know they had a pretty good song on one of the 625 Thrashcore comps.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty Dirt & the Dirts - "Self-Titled" 7inch

Friday, March 25, 2011

United Youth - Demo 2010

Fast hardcore from Pennsylvania; some where between Youth Crew and just plain old Old School Hardcore, the 4-song demo clocks in under 3 minutes.

I came across these guys a week or so ago while checking out the blog/zine Where It Ends, where they have an interview with UY drummer, Chris. The demo is that classic find of good songs and just a few to get your interests up and then, as quick as it started, its done. I'm interested to see what they do as far as a 7inch or EP, they also seem to have some intention to tour during the summer. So download the demo now and get prepared to sing along and bounce around.

Band Facebook Page

DOWNLOAD: United Youth - Demo 2010

Murder City Devils - Live on KNND 1998

In case you've been in a cave, the Murder City Devils are a punk/rock band from Washington. Active off & on again since the mid-90's, this set is from October 1998. This set includes the "full" line-up with Leslie Hardy (Johnson) on organ/keys and all the other regular suspects in their respective spots. This was done in studio on the air. I was late to this band, not hearing them until a friend bought "In Name & Blood" and played it one night. I was hooked. Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, a swagger all their own, flaming drums, and that fucking organ. 

I had to convert these and re-tag them. I have the suspicion that theyre not fully tagged, so i'll post the song order to make it easier (though most downloading this are probably big enough fans to know the songs) the picture isn't the set list for this show, I was looking for a picture and it seemed a bit appropriate. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: the Murder City Devils - Live Radio Set October 1998

1- Murder City Riot
2- Dance Hall Music
3- Idle Hands
4- 18 Wheels
5- I Want Alot Now (So Come On)
6- Boom Swagger Boom
7- From the Cradle to the Grave
8- Broken Glass

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bonus Cup: Massachusetts is A Coffin Compilation

Here's a little bonus comp. fun for you this Comp. Thursday. "Mass. Is A Coffin" comes from the wonderful world of Where It Ends Blog/Zine/Label & is up and available from their bandcamp (download at the bottom like it normally is).

I came across Where It Ends about a week ago and it's been a real find. Good interviews and other content and the zine looks really sharp too. This comp is a grab bag of what Mass. has to offer- from heavy music that attacks you to the fast & old school and most points between. It features bigger and smaller bands alike- everything from Alert & Colin of Arabia to Lifeloss & Poor Sport, who I hadn't heard of before. 37 bands, 37 tracks, free, really, why would you not head over and grab this?

Favorite tracks: the Culture Sound, Lifeloss, Mountain Man, Outrage, Watchfire, Streetsweeper, & Poor Sport

DOWNLOAD: Massachusetts is A Coffin Comp.

A Reason For Living Compilation 7inch

A nice little 4 band comp. showcasing some mid-90's hardcore from a variety of styles. Despair play a heavier, but still somewhat fast paced style that, along with enigmatic singer Soctt Vogel, helped them become one of the better hardcore bands of the mid-90's. Against All Hope play a much punkier style on their track. Admittedly, at first the song didn't do much for me as the track that followed Despair, but repeated listens have helped it grow on me. It's still a bit of an oddball here even on its own, with its much more straight-forward HC/punk feel and slight melodic leads; yet big drums and loud double bass give it a real interesting charm.
The second side kicks off with Envy (from the US, not to be confused with Envy from Japan) playing a pretty common revival sounding hardcore/youth crew. Fast, simple drums, clear shouted vocals, and a little tempo change to mix things up a bit. The record closes out with an earlier

version of the infamous Snapcase track "Cabose". Not nearly as big sounding as on 'Progression Through Learning', the song still delivers and in  that signature Snapcase way- tight playing, layered guitars, and the distinct drums and vocals that give away every Snapcase song from the Steps ep to Designs For Automotion lp. A nice booklet with pages for each band round out this compilation put out on New Direction Records. I must add that I love the record label on Side A- it has so many of the classic signs of "Hardcore Record Center Label" - circular printing & a divided label with the title on one half and the bands and songs on the other half. Love it.

DOWNLOAD: A Reason For Living Comp 7inch

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Countervail - "Assembly Line" 7inch x 2

Countervail were a heavy hardcore band from Southern California in the late 90's/early 00's. Playing what could almost tow the line between simply being heavy hardcore and metalcore, they did it in a style that pulled the best parts of both of those with a technical edge and nearly devastating melody at times. The opening track from their full-length, 'The Most Abused Word', still stands as a personal favorite and a song that can simply crush you beneath its weight while lulling you into it with moments of peace. I digress.

This ep takes two tracks from that full length along with two remixes of an earlier song, "Arrow & Tether." The remixes here are by two different artists and to be honest, for me at least, sort of just exist in their place. They aren't bad and they aren't earth shattering. The Tinfed mix seems pretty standard for taking a "rock" song and having a DJ remix it. The Mantis remix plays around a little more, but still falls in to some of the same patterns with a pretty standard beat and different elements of the song injected. I know this kind of thing caught on some and bands like Botch, Shai Hulud, & Snapcase had remixes on records of theirs- and this isn't a bad thing at all, but it doesn't always work out the greatest with hardcore bands. All the same, still worth the listen and still a record I gladly own.

DOWNLOAD: Countervail - "Assembly Line"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Breathe In - "Nervous Breakdown" 7inch

Another Monday, another reason to want to destroy and obliterate. Did the first week of "Spring Forward" leave you feeling robbed and jobbed? Breathe In take on the classic Black Flag EP that helped to lay the very foundation of Hardcore (SEE ALSO: Middle Class - Out of Vogue).

Quite a big thing to take on, Breathe In is true the originals and singer/guitarist Louie even gets a bit Keith Morris at times, especially on "I've Had It." Nobody can do Black Flag songs quite like Black Flag, but this little recreation does a hell of a job of revisiting such a milestone in fast/pissed off music (and rock as a whole) and puts it back out there hopefully for people who might have somehow been deprived of the knowledge and experience of complete and total musical, emotional, and mental demolition; in song form. The artwork is a big plus too, right down to the fat 45 hole and labels (scan of the record included with download).... fix me, fix my head... fix me please I don't wanna be dead

DOWNLOAD: Breathe In - Nervous Breakdown 7inch

Voicebox - "Silence Lies" 7inch DOWNLOAD LINK ACTUALLY POSTED

DOH! that one slipped by somehow. The original post is HERE, somehow I forgot to activate the link.
Check it out, good project band from Dan No For An Answer/Carry Nation/411/Speak 714/etc & Chuck McRad/Underdog

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Over My Dead Body & Swindle "Split" 7inch

I Can't really think of a better way to end the weekend, which is why it's ending with this. One of my personal favorite split 7inches with my favorite straight edge bands of the 00's and one of my favorite punk bands from that same time. It's a double dose of San Diego this time around.

Over My Dead Body cranks out 3 demo tracks (re-recorded) on their side (the other 2 turned up on No Runners and the intro ended up on the Time X split). Songs dealing with the poor stereotypes of straight edge at the time being portrayed as a thuggish gang-like at the time, the eternal pledge to remain true to hardcore, and being open minded ("I can't believe it, they're telling us who we can love").

As I had mentioned with the Swindle/Finders split, Swindle holds a particularly fond place in my heart. This split and specifically the song "The Wall" is a large reason why.
Having recently been in Sacramento myself and seeing the California Vietnam Wall in person for the first time; that wall was too big to really put my mind around and it only held the names of the Californians killed or missing in action, never mind the wall in DC with everyone on it. The Swindle song touches on the immensity of such a thing, of people who believed their country was right and acting justly and the thought one must have in the presence of such a thing like The Wall- "would I die for anyone, for someone like me?... and, am I worth it at all, are we worth it the wall?"
I'm not advocating the war nor is the song, the very opposite in fact. It was a war we waged on & with our youth and we lost incredibly with it. And the torn and destroyed lives still persist today. Alas, I digress, some good hardcore & punk- enjoy!

PS - You Can't tell by the scans, but inserts are actually transparencies kind of like an overhead from back in elementary school. Pretty cool in my book.

DOWNLOAD: Over My Dead Body | Swindle - "Split" 7inch

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ready to Fight - "S/T" 7inch

Exactly what I expect from a band called Ready to Fight. Fast hardcore with definite punk overtones, owing to classic Boston & California hardcore/punk bands of the early 80's. The vocals are a bit higher pitched than I would have expected, but it goes with the music. Kind of like a punky snarl over the buzzsaw guitar.

To be completely honest, I don't know for sure where I got this, it was probably on a recommendation from Anthony (Mother Speed/Restrained/Broken Patterns) when he had a distro years ago. I listened to this once or twice when I got it and then it just sat for so long. I dug it out when I was going through my most recent set of vinyl ripping & decided to give it a spin. I'm glad I held on to it. Pissed and ugly fucking hardcore punk rock. I debated long and hard about making this a Monday Morning Work Drive post, but I'd rather just get it out there (though the song 'Work Sucks' is playing right now, making it harder to resist haha). 7 originals, 1 SSD cover, 10 1/2 minutes. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Ready to Fight - "Self-Titled" 7inch

Teamwork Records | 97a Ad

Here's an old Teamwork Records Ad. I always love these and you can always bet there's one or two of them in any Teamwork/Coalition records release you pick up. Awesome front side ad for a band, most times 97a since their singer Chris Kelly is Teamwork Records and then a simple but slick backside with all the releases, shirts, info., etc.

Find Him and Kill Him - You Can't Fuck With the Kids

FIND HIM!!! KILL HIM!!! GO!!!!! Such a fun thrashy hardcore punk band in the early/mid 2000's, but boy could they pull out the breakdown for their namesake song. San Diego's Find Him and Kill Him released a handful of 7inches & a full-length in their time, as well as making a few comp releases; to my knowledge (and I could be wrong), this is their first 7inch.

As stated, thrashy hardcore punk- fast and to the point; old school hardcore music, punk attitude and enough energy in the live setting to fuel a room. One of the first times I saw them after getting into them, the stage at the smell collapsed under their feet (I know, when wasn't it) and the show just rolled right on. Their singer Spencer always seemed to be on the move, jumping about & thrashing around.

After the band's demise, the singer and guitarist turned up in the band Last Priest, which I always saw as somewhat of a continuation of FHAKH. It was different from FHAKH, but not too much. Download this record and just wait for the eponymous "FHAKH" and get ready to break things. Seriously. Expect more Find Him and Kill Him on the blog in the future.

DOWNLOAD: Find Him and Kill Him - "You Can't Fuck With the Kids"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Written Off - Demo 2011

Impromptu Friday Night Post: Just came across this while doing some blog walking in between working on future It Follows posts...

Really good Youth Crew style Hardcore here. This demo just came out at the start of the year and fuck, it's one of the best things I've heard in awhile.

Yes, it's that tried and true formula of catchy fast songs that make great use of little tempo changes with clear/clean vocals over the top. Louisville, Kentucky strikes again! 5 songs in just over 6 minutes. The vocals kept reminding me of someone, it's the Damage Done, especially the first EP.

Every song does the trick, but currently "Questions" is the one I'm stuck on the most- the little tempo change and line "And Now You Ask, Where's the Unity? I have to Ask: are you fucking kidding me?" The complete pause and snide monotone of 'are you fucking kidding me' is great. These guys are also going to be on an upcoming comp, you can get the full scoop and much more over at their Facebook page.

DOWNLOAD: Written Off - Demo 2011 (band camp mp3's) (mediafire wav's)
*Normally I would upload it to the blog mediafire because I'm a nerd like that, but the band camp download is perfectly fine and the band also has a mediafire download already for wav file versions. So take your pick and enjoy!

PS - I'm loving the late 80's/early 90's looking logo.

RJD2 - Live on the Radio 8/2004

HAPPY FRIDAY: This is another one that was posted back in 2009 on the What We Want Blog.

Rjd2 (Ramble John Krohn) is a DJ/turntablist/multi-instrumentalist from Ohio. Chances are, if you've listened to underground hip-hop in the last 5-10 years, you've heard something he's done. Whether from when he started out with Mhz to his extremely popular first two solo records "Deadringer" & "Since We Last Spoke", both originally released on underground giant Def Jux. He also is one half of the duo Soul Position with Emcee/DJ Blueprint, did a whole album for Aceyalone (Magnificent City), broke far from the pack with his third solo album "The Third Hand" as he crossed over into pop music and just currently began releasing under another name as the Insane Warrior. You've almost certainly heard his music in commercials or as the theme music to Mad Men. A hardworking guy who doesn't appear to be letting up soon, he established his own label a few years ago and promptly re-released his Def Jux material as both single releases and in a very nice box set.

This mix set is from a BBC Radio show called Breezeblock. The show would invite lots of well know musicians and other famous people to do a show of their own; whether that was playing bands they thought people should check out or doing a near 30-minute mix as rjd2 did. The mix ventures across lots of spectrums from hip-hop to r&b, soul, rock, and most points in between. He keeps it fresh with some pretty recognizable hooks, pieces of rj standards, and obscure tracks that make you want to search out the original. And dammit if, by the time you notice the song has transitioned he has done it so seemlessly that you're probably two transitions behind. Definitely for fans of all kinds of music. Good stuff to drive at night, clean, or just relax. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Rjd2 - Breezeblock 8.6.2004

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Devil's Night Out 7inch Compilation

So, it looks like Thursdays are going to be Compilation Thursdays, at least for the next few weeks. Expect some good ones for the next month or two.

This little bad boy is a great one from the late 90's. Recorded at the infamous Southern California club, Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca; it features a who's who of Indecision Records at the time with Ensign, Eyelid, Adamantium, & Death By Stereo, as well as the Missing 23rd (who at the time were on Mankind Records which has strong ties to Indecision).

A real hell of a live comp and on one of the cooler slabs of wax that truly lives up to its devil's night out theme and title. It should be noted that Ensign actually does Revolution's End & First, Last, Only; with Revolution's End featuring a post Tomorrow's Gone & pre-Faded Grey Lance Wells on vocals.

It has to be wondered that somewhere out there, probably in the Indecision vaults, that there

are full sets from this show. It would make sense as the full set of Ensign eventually turned up on their collection CD a few years ago. Anyone from Indecision out there holding those or the Faded Grey, Count Me Out & Over My Dead Body sets that should exist from a Showcase show recorded for the DVD, feel free to share. They would get a proper treatment.

DOWNLOAD: "Devil's Night Out" 7inch Compilation

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swindle | The Finders - Split 7inch

A little local flavor (the Finders) & a little late 90's/early 00's punk goodness (Swindle) on this split slab of wax.

The Finders were a punk/hardcore band from Redlands, Ca. in the late 90's, who, if memory serves, actually played with mostly punk bands. Granted, this ep is far more mature lyrically and hardcore musically than their 7inch released a year or two before. Still, somewhere are fliers of them playing with other hardcore-punk bands like Urban GI Joes, Retribution, & Titty Twisters. The 3 songs here are pretty good politically charged hardcore- screamed vocals, driving music, and right to the point.

Swindle were one of the better punk bands of the late 90's/early 00's. Their "Better Off Dead" full length still gets tremendous amounts of play time from me. Punk that walked the line of hardcore punk with snotty vocals, lyrics that weren't garbage, and a fine selection of cover songs (from skid row to violent femmes) went well with the tried and true punk line-up of singing guitarists/bassist. It seemed like on any given weekend Swindle would be playing at Showcase Theatre in Corona with Backside, Union 13, Straight Faced, US Bombs, and Osker. I've always heard that their last lp on Slowgun (who released this) was some of their best stuff, & if their later split with Over My Dead Body is any indication (also on Slowgun), I believe it. Sadly, I've never been able to track it down (hint, hint). PS - If memory serves, Dan Sant (Palpatine/OMDB played in Swindle at one point, fun!)  Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Swindle | The Finders - Split 7inch

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Info. & More

As we start to hit our stride here at 'It Follows' some things are starting to take shape and possibly become "regular". For example:

Monday: There will be come kind of music download post to kick off the week. Right now I'm trying to go with some work drive music, today was Anything Goes, next Monday will be the Breathe In "Nervous Breakdown" 7inch.

Tues/Wed: there might be something, there might not. At least one of the two days there should be something, at the very least an old ad or interview.

Thurs: Comp. Day. I've got comps coming out of my ears, enough already ripped and scanned to probably last well into the summer. This Thursday will be the great Indecision Records live comp, "Devil's Night Out." It just gets better from there.

Fri: Something, sometimes a real surprise, some times a smaller download. It's a little something as we roll into the weekend.

Sat/Sun:  Typically the meat and potatoes. A couple posts over the two days, plenty to keep you busy and having a good old time.

Demos/Submissions: Bands, Musicians, & Labels- I'm always more than glad to post something up. I WILL listen to it, it might not be right away. I love label samplers too. I appreciate info. & preferably lyrics, even if just a text file. Not to be fancy, but because I will be posting this up on my blog. As long as it meets the criteria of not being sexist/racist/homophobic, I will post it with a write up. Like record reviews, it will be fair and an honest opinion

Contributors: As the blog starts to grow and get more consistent I'd like to have some interviews. That's the thing I have the least amount of time to do. Sure, there are some local bands/people I will likely do short interviews with, but I'd be more than glad to have some help in that area. I can't offer much, full credit will be yours 100% of the time. At this time it would be a scenario of you emailing me and letting me know how you'd like to help out and/or email interviews and pictures (if you have some) and I will post them. I'm not quite to the point where I'm looking for help with actual posts, maybe in a few months.

Other Blogs: I'm always up for swapping links. However, if your blog has a majority of downloads that aren't out of print music, I'm not interested. Don't get me wrong, feel free to add me to your blog roll and I'll gladly plug you guys, but this blog is for out of print/unreleased and stuff that is authorized by bands/labels to be posted. I'm not condemning you, its just not why I'm doing this.


Anything Goes - "The Party's Over" 7inch

HAPPY MONDAY, here's one for the car ride to work. Anything Goes was an early 2000's hardcore band from New Jersey. I don't know a ton about the band, and came across them only because guitarist, Jay Pepito, had sent me their demo tape years ago after I had been in contact with him about his previous band, A Thin Line Fading (which also included future Down In Flames guitarist John Devlin on vocals).

I still have the Anything Goes demo tape (though currently no tape deck) as well as the A Thin Line Fading discography cd, but today you get the Anything Goes "The Party's Over" 7inch. Release in 2001 on Broken Glass Records, it offers up good old standard hardcore- driving songs that give way to bass lines and pounding drums; a little melody under the angry music that abruptly stops and restarts. This style got to be pretty standard for a few years; but here, it is far from boring and still a few years from over done. Standout tracks include the re-recorded demo track "Same Old Story" as well as the song "All That Matters" which has a nice drum/bass break that builds to a nice little melodic tempo change and the sage advice 'always up everyone's ass, keeping up on all the trends, you've got all the right records, but you still can't buy friends' . (Ed. Note- its a catchy line in the song and a point shared, but the intended sarcasm in "sage advice" should be noted).

DOWNLOAD: Anything Goes - "The Party's Over" 7inch

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voicebox - "Silence Lies" 7inch

Another entry in the list of bands & projects that fall into the category of "Dan O'Mahony" bands. From well known acts such as No For An Answer & Four One One (411 "Discography" on It follows HERE) to smaller bands like God Forgot, John Henry Holiday, or this little two track record.

Teaming up with Chuck Treece, professional skater and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire (McRad & Underdog), to put down two songs of rocking hardcore. The first song, "Cold Inside" is the standout track for me, with is running guitar leads and slight groove in the guitars; it calls up thoughts of some of the later 80's Bad Brains as well as bands that would come later in the 90's Post-Hardcore explosion.

Another release from Dan's Workshed Records (Blackspot "Check Out the Helmet" being another posted here already), this one was done towards the end of the 80's with Dan doing vocals & design, Chuck handled all of the music. A good little studio project and it would seem the birth of Dan's Silence Lies references (he runs a website now and referenced it in a Speak 714 song). Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Voicebox - "Silence Lies" 7inch

Straight Faced - "Broken"

Straight Faced were a hardcore band from Huntington Beach throughout most of the 90's. From their earliest recordings of pretty straight forward hardcore to their first album "Guilty" where they started to develop their sound a bit more. Always touching on personal issues of struggle and growth, be it drugs, friendships, or just trying to be a better person, the band may have had their finest moment with their second album, "Broken."

Released on Fearless Records in 1996 (Yes, Fearless used to release Hardcore & Punk records), Broken saw the band exploring a heavier sound while still maintaining a fairly fast sound. Guitar effects, jangly bass, loud drums, and big back-up vocals abound, the subject matter still remains centralized on improving oneself and the world around; be that through self-analysis and improvement, or denouncing the then exploding (and now sadly commonplace) ideas of tough guys with hair triggers being even more prevalent in our society.

Straight Faced was the first "hardcore" band I got into that was actively playing and from my general vicinity. A special place certainly exists within for them, and easily 25-30 shows with them were seen, going back to some of my earliest punk shows around the time "Guilty" was coming out. All nostalgia aside, "Broken" is a great record. Stand out tracks include: Who Am I To Say, Lit, Potential Genius, & Gone Too Far. Not that there's a bad track here. As a bonus the download includes the original versions of "Show Me Your Gun" (punk bites) & "Regret" (flush sampler).

DOWNLOAD: Straight Faced - "Broken"

Big Brian, Sergio, Haji, Ratboy, this one's for you guys... old memories and good times.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Agosto Espias - Know Your Tragedy 7inch/EP

Agosto Espias (August Spies) were a very short lived Hardcore band from the Inland Empire, California that played a very 90's sounding emo/punk influenced sound.

The band came together in late 2009 when vocalist Andrew teamed up with guitarist Kevan. They brought in friend Anthony on bass and Bryan on drums. Together they wrote and recorded a 4 song demo from which the 7inch is derived (the download includes all 4 songs).

After a few shows Anthony exited the band due to other band commitments and friend Matt entered on bass. Unfortunately, only a few more shows would be played in 2010. The band lost speed as Kevan moved away for school and members moved on with other endeavors.

Andrew, Anthony, & Matt can currently be found in the new band, Burn Your Life Down who have a 3-song demo out.

The download includes the complete demo. The 7inch is a one time pressing of 200 & can purchased from the newly relocated Glory Kid Ltd.
A Band Site with info., pictures, and more remains up here

DOWNLOAD: Agosto Espias - Know Your Tragedy

Revolution Summer - Six Song Demo

Another Re-Post from over at the old What We Want Blog. Slowly but surely they are coming over here. Enjoy!


As best as I can tell, this is a stateside band.
Unfortunately, getting information on this band has been fruitless over the last year or so that I've had this demo because of the D.C. movement associated with the name and the European band of the same name.

This was a random Soulseek score one night while I was up at late at Resident Camp. I downloaded this on the band name alone (not yet aware of the euro band).

Think fast D.C. Hardcore with punk doses and enough (tasteful) melody to drown in. Sung to screamed vocals with plenty of layered/slightly off back up vocals and plenty of bass guitar. This would fit in perfectly around the mid-late 80's in some combination of later era Faith with the energy of early era Faith and some Embrace thrown in (and heavy nods to some of the bands they influenced like earlier Avail & Hot Water Music).

DOWNLOAD: Revolution Summer - Demo

Proof - Blood Money EP

Heavy Hardcore from Romania. The band definitely takes from metal & metalcore bands of the past, but plays it within that tried and true hardcore format of pushing loud music to its sonic & speed limits without crossing into either pure noise or thrash territory. Guttural vocals and lyrics in english, there are definite moments, especially with the vocals, where you can catch glimpses of bands like Tragedy. Overall a fairly good ep with lyrics that deal with prejudice, tolerance, oppresion, and standing up for one's rights. Not exactly what I expected when I hit play, I must say that I'm very pleased to have had this show up in an email last week. This is the first thing submitted to It Follows from a band/musician/label. Always feel free to send your band's music to the blog for posting- email: . You can also email for an address if you want to mail something. Enjoy it everyone, they are currently working on a new record.

Proof on facebook

DOWNLOAD: ProoF- "Blood Money" EP

**NEW** UK Blog STAY AHEAD just did a nice piece on Romanian Hardcore & Proof, check it out HERE

Bridge 9: Before the Hardcore Empire (Old Ad)

Some of my first exposure to the label; this add and the 2/3 size one that was very similar to this. Somewhere I have a beat up blank skate deck that has that anime sticker on it. I remmeber making the transition from punk to hardcore and thinking that the Misfits shirt/sticker was some of the coolest shit out there. Can't lie, wish I'd picked one up at some point.

Who knew the label would go so far and get so big.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Refused - Live in Sweden 1997

A nice little treat to start off the weekend with. Now, most people have an idea who the little hardcore band from Sweden was, especially after the "New Noise" video. This set-list draws much more on older songs from their much more straight forward hardcore records.

Don't forget how good this band was with records like "Everlasting" & "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent"; as this live set list shows. "Shape of Punk to Come" still comes off a bit bloated (I own it, I still listen to it, but it took me some time) and out of place to me. Much more direct with their music and lyrics earlier on, Refused deserved the praise heaped on them long before their last record. Plus, their association with Final Exit is reason enough to enjoy them (laugh, its just a joke and a way to expose any of you who might not know who the Swedish Final Exit were).


DOWNLOAD - Refused - Live 1997

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Various Artists - As the Sun Sets: A Southern California Hardcore Compilation

The best comp. of the early 00's that wasn't released on vinyl? Quite possibly. Compiled and released by Graham Donath for his label, The Association, and widely distributed by Indecision Records, this compilation almost reads as a who's who of early/mid 90's HC bands from Southern California.

Adamantium, No Reply, Show of Hands, Palpatine, Throwdown, Death By Stereo, Lifes Halt, 7 Day War, Dirty Dirt & the Dirts, Ignite, and more. Many of the tracks here are exclusive to this comp itself.

Even though it was only released on CD, the effort was made to create band "pages" in the CD booklet with lyrics, band info, and for some bands, pictures. It's a little something to put an otherwise great comp over the top. The tracks alone have staying power, but the layout and info. help distinguish it from the standard fare in an age when comps & "samplers" were a dime-a-dozen at best. Enjoy the download, it includes scans of the booklet.

Fsavorite Tracks include: Show of Hands, Dirty Dirt & the Dirts, Death By Stereo (earlier version of this song), Burning Dog, & Countervail- though, it should be said that, other than the Wrench track (sorry, never could get into them), there isn't a song I honestly dislike.

DOWNLOAD: "As the Sun Sets" compilation 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fastbreak - "Don't Stop Trying" 7inch

Fastbreak were a Connecticut Hardcore band in the 90's, originally a part of the Youth Crew Revival sound of the mid/late 90's but over time developing a sound that grew into more of a Hardcore/Punk/Emo sound.
This first 7inch and a split 7inch with Ten Yard Fight are fairly standard Youth Crew Revival, while the first real sound shift would happen with their first LP, "Fast Cars, Fast Women."

The cover says it all; jumping guitarist, CAPS band logo, bars between the band name and record title; six songs of fast and fun hardcore with lyrics about persevering, betrayed friendships, etc. Don't get me wrong, this is a great sounding record; nice temp changes, a very distinct bass guitar in the mix; this is a tried and true formula done right. The aforementioned first LP takes this to a new level  where the band is able to expand and not just sound like "the 7inch plus 4 songs", like all too many bands of this style can end up sounding.

The band later put out a second LP on Revelation Records (that I don't remember caring for all that much) as well as appearing earlier on the Trash American live comp. "It's A Verb". They also made to California at least once, playing with Ten Yard Fight the last time they came to the west coast.

DOWNLOAD: Fastbreak - "Don't Stop Trying"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Shroud - Demo/7inch

The Shroud are a newer hardcore band from Southern California (Inland Empire). After his previous band came to an end, singer Chris began to get the itch to perform again and eventually recruited other locals whose bands had just ended, Jason (guitar) & Erich (bass), while getting Xibalba drummer Jason for the demo writing/recording process.

Fast hardcore with a 'fuck off' attitude that lends itself to a crust/thrash influenced sound. Avoiding all the obvious references for bands of this style, it sounds a bit like those bands- pissed music for a fucked up day with lyrics that just ask to be screamed as you make that morning drive to work.

Dark imagery abound, the Shroud demo/7inch comes off visually more akin to some of the more evil inspired bands (you thought I was going to say Holy Terror, didn't you) while musically it hits you and is over almost before you can realize the record has started playing.

Currently, the band has a 5 song 7inch out on Death of A Modernist Records (the image above is
of the mailorder cover for said 7inch) and is looking to gear back up for playing some shows in the new year. Get ahold of them here

Death of A Modernist Records

DOWNLOAD - The Shroud - "Demo"

*The Record is a one time pressing of 100 on deep purple colored vinyl. The press is about half gone and moving, so don't hesitate getting a copy now*

Wayne Kramer - the Hard Stuff

Wayne Kramer is nothing short of a living rock/punk legend. Having made his early mark as 1/5th of the proto-punk pioneers the MC5 in the late 60's/early 70's, spending the 70's in & out of music & jail. The late 70's/early 80's brought activity in post-MC5 projects including Gang War, formed with former New York Dolls guitarist, Johnny Thunders. Following Gang War, Kramer spent some time in fusion band Was (Not Was) as well as producing and playing with various bands & musicians.

In the early 90's he resurfaced under his own name after a reunited MC5 had played in honor of their deceased singer, Rob Tyner. Kramer's first solo-record is "The Hard Stuff." Having heard the lead track on the very first Punk-O-Rama (when it was actually a compilation and not a series of samplers) which I had actually, brace yourself, pre-ordered on cassette tape; I was very curious to hear more of Kramer's stuff. As fortune would have it, I would find a copy of the LP at local record shop, Cheap Guy Music.

A real shock to my still fairly young and abrasively inclined punk ears. The album towed the line between the music I was listening to and the music my mother had played throughout much of my youth. Still fairly unfamiliar with the MC5 beyond their place in punk history, the Hard Stuff threw open the door and provided an updated look into punk's past.

For the recording of the Hard Stuff, Kramer assembled a wide array of musicians to help him bring the record to life. Many songs featured Claw Hammer backing him, but the current line-up of the Melvins appear on one track, while label head honcho and Bad Religion guitarist Brett G. appears along with Matt & Brett from Rancid on another track. Spread throughout are members of many other bands, from Pennywise to former band mate in Was (Not Was) singer Sweet Pea Atkinson and drummer-for-hire, Josh Freese. Overall, the record doesn't miss a beat and shows no suffering from a rotation of different musicians that can sometimes plague solo albums of that nature. Punk roots, rock fury, and even some spoken word mixed in, along with the re-recording of an MC5 classic, "Poison."

Favorite tracks include rockers "Poison", "Realm of Pirate Kings", & "Edge of the Switchblade" along side the slower rock n roll love-tragedy "Junkie Romance." There's even some spoken word thrown in, giving a little for everyone. Don't miss an underrated punk/rock gem that is sadly out of print.

DOWNLOAD: Wayne Kramer - "The Hard Stuff"

Blackspot - Check Out the Helmet 7inch

Blackspot were a hardcore band from Southern California in the early/mid-90's, playing a brand of hardcore rooted in the traditions the bands before them, but definitely making use of their present day surroundings. Fast & driven songs with huge back-up vocals that also had a distinct crunch and chug to the riffs.

This little 7inch EP came out on the ever eclectic Workshed Records which was the brainchild of Dan O'Mahony. Check Out The Helmet fits in nicely with many of the other releases of the label; which like this, are definitely hardcore, but different than the norm (old school or new school). Different is usually good; it is here.

Blackspot would also appear on the Ammunition Records (Mankind) 7inch comp. & Indecision

Records "Guilty By Association" comp. They would also release a split 7inch (Banana Split) with Triceratops on Bastille Records. Expect the split 7inch in the foreseeable future as it was ripped & scanned the same time as this 7inch (and is actually playing right now).

DOWNLOAD: Blackspot - "Check Out the Helmet" 7inch

Band Myspace maintained by their drummer.

Inc. a Scan of the record, I love the little drawing on it.

Level 4 Outbreak, Are You Fucking Ready??!!!

So over the last 2-3 months my lovely wife, Lindsey has made a concerted effort to hang all of my many shirts. It's been a process and one large plastic tub still remains, but she has gotten most of them up. The news of a child coming sometime in September has sped up the process as the "spare room/office space" (which I sit typing and scanning in right now) will need to be a baby room and so, space in our formerly spacious new apartment, is less abundant.

However, this bears the fruits of having access to shirts I had resigned to keeping packed away until we were in a house. With such a luxury, I reached in to the closet today before heading to the store and pulled out my friend you see to the right. I really do love the Nerve Agents, specifically the s/t ep & split with Kill Your Idols. Somewhere, I believe in that last tub, is my Nerve Agents "Planet Frankenstein" shirt, I love that one too (pre-Rev logo slapped on the back).

This will NOT become a shirt blog, I promise. However, don't be surprised to see some turn up from time to time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

House of Suffering - 3 song 7inch

San Diego Hardcore seems to always have a distinct persona and sound; most notably the early-mid 90's when bands as diverse as Unbroken, Struggle, Big Drill Car, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt, Stickfiguecarousel, & House of Suffering- to name a few, existed.

Today, House of Suffering exist in many people's minds as having been covered (actually, initially ripped off) by fellow SD band, P.O.D. (yeah, that POD) on their first album; recording a version of the House of Suffering song "Draw the Line." However, House of Suffering in their own right made a bit of a lasting mark on Southern California hardcore. 3/4 of the band were originally in the legendary SD band Amenity, with prior years of playing together, the band was able to evolve and grow at a pace quicker than most new bands. Part Hardcore/Punk, part jam, and an undeniable product of the changing 90's allowed them to have singing vocals that give way to raps while the music goes from crunchy riffs to grooving fills and odd guitar parts. At times they seem to bridge a gap from bands like Bad Brains & Burn to later bands like Charge.

DOWNLOAD: House of Suffering - "3-Song" 

*there is a very slight skip at the end of the first track. Everything was done to work it out, but I could not. I currently do not have an mp3 editor I like on the new laptop and processed this record as a part of about 25-30 upcoming releases for the blog; so for now at least, quantity wins out on this one*

UPDATE: while going through some things, found my House of Suffering shirts. Click through for bigger images of the shirt.

In The Grey - Demo 2008

in the grey were a melodic hardcore punk band from southern california (inland empire/chino) that existed for an all-too-short time in and around 2008. Members had been in more than a few other local bands over the years when this unit came together.

Playing a style that could fit them in on a show with most any of the classic Fat/Lookout/Asian Man records bands; not unlike a more straight forward hardcore influenced Lawrence Arms, sans snotty vocals. A Nice little 5-song demo with lyrics ranging from growing older (in a real world kind of way, not bitter posi-kid refusing to grow up) and relationships, to our mistreatment of others. The band fell apart exceptionally fast before a project arose called The Bradley, which too came undone. Currently, singer Erich & guitarist Jason can be found in the hardcore band The Shroud, bass & guitar respectively (and have a demo/7inch out right now).

DOWNLOAD: In The Grey - Demo 2008

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burn Your Life Down - Demonstration

Hailing from Southern California (at least when this was recorded) & featuring members of numerous Inland Empire hardcore bands that have split up in the last few years, the band came together earlier in 2010 to write before recording this little three track demo late in the year at the ever active Earth Capital Studio.

Burn Your Life Down plays it fast and heavy, with a sound not dissimilar to northern California's defunct the Separation; but with a more compact sound and not quite so deafening. Make no mistake, Burn Your Life Down comes right at you and aims to hit you square on the head  and leave you with a mark. 3 songs in under 6 minutes = goal achieved.

Currently the band is scattered amongst the west coast with singer Andrew having recently relocated to Seattle, bassist Anthony in Portland, and the remainder of the band guitarist Romeo, guitarist (and sometimes bassist) Matthew, and drummer Alex all still in southern California. The band hopes to move forward in one capacity or another in the new year, so keep a lookout for new things & for now listen to the demo.

UPDATE: the Download Link was messed up, Fixed now!

DOWNLOAD: Burn Your Life Down - "Demonstration"

Band Website: Facebook | Glory Kid Ltd. (label) Site