Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mourningside - Dispose EP

Coming around towards the end of what could be said was a revival of metallic tinged Vegan/Edge bands playing a predominantly 90's influenced style of hardcore (at least in California), Mourningside slipped in along with bands like Abandon as some of the more notable bands were running their course and splitting up.

That's not to say Mourningside is a vegan/edge band, to my knowledge they were just a straight edge hardcore band; but more importantly a hardcore band with something to say. Not to be confused with a nu-metal esque side project of some other people, the band is usually referred to as Mourningside AD.

This 3-track EP was the bands first offering and shows their brand of chugging hardcore that continues forward at a constant pace, taking only moments of pause for a guitar only interlude with screaming vocals. To say that this ep is nothing new would be the truth; but to say that this ep is not worth listening to would be a complete lie.

With vocals that are usually a clean scream-talking yell and well timed guitar leads, Mourningside certainly has their moments where they remind me of Damien Moyal era Morning Again and even more so, Birthright; with the title track, "Dispose" being my favorite track on this short EP.

They later released a 4-song 7inch on Hard Press Records before disbanding. Word has it that the band is back together and has recorded new songs for a future release (they have played some shows sporadically).

More info, including picking up the 7inch at the Mourningside AD Blogspot

DOWNLOAD: Mourningside - Dispose EP

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Humans - Demo 2011

The wife is taking a much needed nap before we go out for our anniversary; time to slip in a quick post on this Sunday morning.

Humans hail from Adelaide in southern Australia, a city I've always known more for its punk (bands like Standard Union and the Jerks), but they put forth a good hardcore offering- melodic hardcore that is giving me strong Final Fight vibes (especially from the era of the split with Lifelong Tragedy).

I know this style only continued to get bigger and bigger over the last 3-5 years and newer bands like Defeater have taken some of those elements along with bands like Modern Life is War (circa Witness) and really forged some fresh ground; while this demo doesn't necessarily break any ground, it gives me a lot of excitement to hear new  things from this band. All of the songs here (4 of them) clock in at or after the 3 1/2 minute mark, but don't drag on. Mid-paced hardcore with those guitars that make you think a movie is starting as the song opens; dark clouds rolling in, some guy walking down the streets as the opening credits start.

Give it a spin, even if you don't like it, it's not likely to be something you hate.

DOWNLOAD: Humans - "Demo 2011"

Humans Myspace Page

I'm not sure where I acquired this from, but when searching for info. about them I found the demo cover at the Auscore Blog, which also has the demo posted. Give them a look as well.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Live on KEXP 9/6/2005

For those of you not in the loop (I say that VERY jokingly), Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are a east coast Punk/Rock band originally formed in the late 90's as the alter-ego of Leo after the demise of his indie/punk outfit Chisel, for whom he had sang/played guitar. Leo's involvement with the punk & hardcore scenes is rather storied, from time spent as the first singer of hardcore punk pioneers Citizen's Arrest as well as many other projects such as the Sin Eater & Hell No (that's to say nothing of his brothers' involvement in music, including the great Native Nod as well as playing in TL/RX at various times).

TL/RX as many will often abbreviate the band to be eventually solidified as a punk infused rock band with the release of their "Treble in Trouble" Ep in 2000. From that point on, the band built upon a framework of big hooks, precise drums, and soulful yet punky vocals. While the sound and members have varied over time from the very 70's influenced "Hearts of Oak" (moments that make you think Thin Lizzy and then Elvis Costello and the Attractions) to the more concise and even stronger late 70's punk sounding "Shake the Sheets", the band has continued to put out a sound that gets tighter and tighter; but still able to go any direction needed, as evidenced with the digital only release of their "Rapid Response" ep which featured 2 new songs along with covers from the diverse background of the band that showed the band doing their send up of the Cocksparrer classic "I Got Your Number" and Leo alone on vocals and guitar doing Amebix's "Nobodys Driving", all pulled off as a basement recording outside of the "proper studio" comforts.

Leo himself is also known to tour on his own doing sets not unlike "Back To Basics" era Billy Bragg, as well as even doing abbreviated sets in the same manner before the full band takes the stage. A final aspect to the TL/RX sound is their ability to write and play songs that not only get you sucked in and ready to move, but have ideas, concepts, and dare it be said, politics, that do not smash you over the head with blatantly over stated ideas. Again, a page from people such as Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

Forgive the long intro, TL/RX is a bit left of center for this blog, none-the-less, the set here is 5 songs from right around the time of the release of "Shake the Sheets" and features the band firing through 5 tracks, including the rather catchy "Counting Down the Hours." Edited out is the banter between songs, but it can still be streamed from the KEXP site, who do numerous great in-studios with music from across genres.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Offspring - Baghdad 7inch

A little 3-song EP (4 track, Im not counting the Blurb) from after the "Self-Titled" album and before the "Ignition" album, it has the original version of their cover of "Hey Joe", as well as an earlier version of "Get It Right" (later appeared on the Ignition lp) and an updated version of the song Tehran, titled "Baghdad", and a little instrumental song/sounds called "The Blurb."

The Offspring have long been a favorite band of mine- call it right place, right time with the release of their "Smash" album. However, it was the discovery of their back catalog soon after and more specifically their second lp, "Ignition" that hooked me. And one of my favorite songs, you guessed it, "Get It Right." I can't say that I have felt that way about anything the band has done for a very long time, with the hodgepodge of genre mashing and convolution that was "Americana" being my breaking point (Ixnay on the Hombre was a good record- hate me if you like).

All personal opinions, likes, & dislikes aside, a good little EP here from 1991, released on the legendary Nemesis Records. I had been after this one for awhile for both it being an Offspring record and it being on Nemesis (as I would like to get at least one of every release on Nemesis- don't get me started on the original version of their first lp & my unwillingness to pay supremely over-inflated prices for it). I picked this guy up for a very fair price at Amoeba in Northern California when up there for Rivalry Fest 4-5 years ago.


DOWNLOAD: the Offspring - "Baghdad" 7inch EP

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bladecrasher - 700 Club 7inch

Blade Crasher played a very straight forward, fast hardcore with just the slightest little almost heavy punk part to it. Youth positive, angry, and energetic; they existed for an all too short time with an equally all too short amount of output (demo, 7inch, and apparently 1 other track).

I honestly don't know a ton about the band other than some of the more well known things- they were from the Virginia area (at least I always heard them mentioned with VA bands & VA Beach), playing out with a lot of the bands of the east coast revival bands of the mid-90's (Time Flies, Count Me Out, ROTP, In My Eyes, etc.); and their singer Timmy went on to the even shorter lived No Justice, whose 7inch can be found here.

I do have the Blade Crasher demo (second gen copy from the good old tape trading days) but cannot at the moment place my photocopy of the cover, but look for it in the future. All in all, one of my favorite bands from the 90's revival, even if the 7inch does suffer a little of a thin sound (the demo doesn't).

For now, here's the Blade Crasher 7inch, released on Youngblood Records.

DOWNLOAD: Blade Crasher - "700 Club" 7inch

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Follows Mixtape # 2 : Drink Coffee and Destroy

Time for another Mixtape for the blog. I had planned a mini-one in honor of all the Carmageddon nonsense last month, but it got delayed. Next time.

This time around the mixtape is expanded a little more, again with the criteria of having stuff either released or to be released on the blog. The last one clocked in at just under and hour, this one clocks in closer to the 75 minute mark. Again constructed with an actual mix to it. Some build up, give way to a few moments of solace and then right back to it. Hope you all enjoy it- feel free to comment and throw things out there.

The Tracklist:

By the Grace of God - No School
Close Call - Slip Away
Reinforce - You Said
Drop it! - Counting Sheep (Wasting Time)
New Direction - I'm Bad With Names
The Cable Car Theory - Caffeine Battle Cry
Death By Stereo - Would You Like to be My Neighbor?
the Discipline Engine - Perfection Too
Notice 415 - Figments of Time
In the Grey - Province Town
Collision - Never Again
Written Off - Questions
Rain on the Parade - Respect (live)
Rancid - Can't Forgive (Embrace cover)
HFL - Nuclear Waste
Time for Change -III
the Assistant - I Don't Believe
the Shroud - the 8 Fathers of Salt Lake
Black Spirals - Still Sick
the Miracle Mile - 3 O'Clock at the Flag Pole, Be There
Blackspot - Drop
Agosto Espias - South Paw
Hot Cross - Solanka (live)
Moldar - Letting Things Go (to pieces)
Automatic - Not the Same
Skyline Awake - Seeking Solace
Voice of Reason - the Way Things Were
Bladecrasher - Do it for Yourself (demo)
Move Forward - the Only Constant
Let it Go - Interlude
Let it Go - Tear Down Your Idols
Straight Faced - Who Am I To Say
Where Eagles Dare - One Room Sanctuary

33 Tracks 74 Miniutes

DOWNLOAD: It Follows Mixtape # 2

(First Mixtape is HERE)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Move Forward - Move Forward EP

Arizona's Move Forward play fast and driving hardcore with throaty vocals, big drums, and just the right amount of melody and well timed punch.

Certainly a sound that has become more commonplace in the last few years, Move Forward not only do it well, but with fun and flavor. The newest EP builds off of last years "The Cost of Living" 7inch, taking it's punkier sound (and almost Hot Water Music-esque at times) and putting forth the new 5 song offering that comes straight at you with a bit of a harder sound than before.
Just about the time the first two songs have got you itching to run in circles and sing along, third track "Cutting Teeth" comes along with a bit more of a slower pace and parts where the guitar drops out and just the bass and drums pound out the back beat. Definitely the late-night-drive track on the record, it gives way to the shortest track on the record "Speak for Yourself", which brings things right back to the realm of run, scream, and drive fast.

Move Forward certainly has the ability to put out quality music and if the live show matches up, you will probably be hearing about this band for awhile to come. Being that they are in Phoenix (which also gave me one of my all time favorite bands- and people, Where Eagles Dare) hopefully they will make the trip to Southern California a few times.

DOWNLOAD: Move Forward - "Move Forward" EP


Swindle - In The Red 7inch & Olivelawn - 4 is Greater than 2 / Cat's Farm 7inches

TIME TO KEEP SOME PROMISES... for those who requested Swindle & Olivelawn, here you go!!!!

Swindle has appeared here a few times on split 7inches (with the Finders and with Over My Dead Body), but this time they make an appearance all their own.

This 4-track 7inch comes from right around the time of their first album "Within These Walls" (1996). In the Red shows the band moving a little more towards the refined and snotty punk that would explode on their second lp "Better Off Dead" (1998). Still some what caught between young punk band with a funny and fuck you kind of attitude and the band that would emerge a little later and show that it could still be funny and even have that same snotty sound; but also hit its mark and write songs that a bit more of a developed sentiment. Yes, all while still remaining that loveable punk band with a penchant for some killer covers (seriously, the Skid Row and Violent Femmes covers are great).

DOWNLOAD: Swindle - In the Red 7inch

Shifting gears a bit, but staying in the realm of San Diego punk is one of the better early 90's punk bands (were there really that many at the time). Playing a bit of a loose and jangly sound that would become even more prevelant in the band that followed them (Fluf), O and the the crew cranked out some very fun punk to skate to.

The two 7inches found here, both released by Nemesis Records find the band both building to their debut lp and playing around with the sound a bit. 4 is Greater than 2 is pretty straight forward Olivelawn along with a great cover of the Love song "Signed DC", while Cat's Farm kind of has a little funkier sound that almost makes me think of some of the early 80's Seattle pre-grunge stuff (seriously, Cat's Meow could be a b-side to the Green River song "Swallow My Pride").

Both records make up a small offering of a good, if not slightly forgotten early 90's punk band. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Olivelawn - 2 7inches

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Eagles Dare - "Nothing In This World Lasts Forever"

Where Eagles Dare were a hardcore band from Arizona in the early/mid-2000's. Playing out what seemed like every few months, and squeezing in touring when they could, they shared their brand of fast and melody touched hardcore all over the west coast and even across the country at least once.

My first exposure to the band was supposed to be a show in the parking lot of a closed supermarket in Redlands, Ca. The police however showed up shortly after Amendment 18 played, and the WED boys who had played San Diego the day before had some ungodly amount of flat tires to make it to our part of the world. So, instead, they played in a driveway... a dirt driveway. A love affair started that night. While musically I heard more in line with a band like Stretch Arm Strong (don't tell me that you don't hear it too), they played a Misfits and Operation Ivy cover that night and it just sealed the deal.

In their existence they made it back to Southern California pretty often before splintering into various other bands (Red Son, George Moshington, and Royal Monsters to name a few) also managing to release an EP, LP, Split EP (with Nor Cal's Set it Straight), appearing on a few comps, and an unreleased demo (and yes, a 3-song demo that I've been told  I will be killed over if I ever share it). I can say that, without a doubt, there is not one instance I can think of in the 12-15 times that I saw this band, where the energy level was ever anything below maximum and the show anything less than great. Good people with good things to say and music & songs that only got better as they went along. Really, enough can't be said about this band, so I will stop before I say too much.

The download includes everything that, to my knowledge, they ever did.

1-13 : To Come From Nowhere Full-Length
14-17 : Split with Set It Straight
18-19 : 2005 September Demo
20-27 : In A Thousand Words or Less EP
28 : Unreleased
29 : Coastal Flooding Vol 1 7inch comp.
30 : Live at Sylvan Park - Redlands, Ca (The Porcelain Plate Incident)
31 - 33 : Not the Original Demo (or is it....???)

NOTE: I did somehow manage to upload a copy of Intensive Care Unit that has a modified beginning from when I was playing with the levels of the September demo (and had changed the intro riff to what you hear now)- there's nothing fancy or special to that version of ICU, but I realize it will throw the track list off a little. Whoops!

DOWNLOAD: Where Eagles Dare - "Nothing In This World Lasts Forever"

Interview at xSTUCK IN THE PASTx

Not only are the folks over at Stuck in the Past general good dudes and bad asses at posting great records, they also do a lot of other stuff. One thing they do is interviews- people like Dan from NFAA/411 and tons of other people, primarily 90's affiliated.

Andrew over at SITP asked me about doing an interview, and given the chance to talk, I obliged. Music Blogs and Why, booking shows, starting a venue and other little inflections about music, the edge, and so on.

Check it out, it's a quick read... http://xstuckinthepastx.blogspot.com/2011/08/jon-huskey-sos-bookingwhat-we-want-we.html

Thanks again to Andrew and all of the other guys at SITP- Chip & Justin have been at it for a long time, so if you've lived under a rock and never seen the blog, do yourself a favor- check it out!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

By The Grace of God/ The Cause - Split 7inch

This split 7inch sees By the Grace of God in their later stages (this track would appear on the Initial Records re-release of their "Three Steps..." ep which included that ep plus assorted comp/split songs) with a song that starts of with a piano and spoken intro before the song kicks in with a mid-paced beat and those signature BTGOG era Rob Pennington vocals. A bit longer on the BTGOG side of things, this track shows another side of the band as they are able to continue a somewhat crawling pace throughout the song with momentary bursts of noise.

The Cause, from San Diego, bring a bit of a faster and more straight forward attack with their two tracks. A little punch and heavy riff or two thrown in with vocals that go from spoken to screamed in the same sentence are their formula. My first exposure to this band was their split with fellow San Diego-ians, American Tragedy, a very good CD if you can track it down. (If you can, post it. My burned copy has suffered through the years). The second track from the Cause shows off more of their heavy and even somewhat noisy side. Stop and go music that gives way to a pounding beat before again falling apart into a frantic guitar and vocal combo.

All in all, a very worthy little 3 song record. This can't be posted without giving a big shout to Big Brian from TFC/Xibalba because he had actually bought this at a show and I convinced him to sell it to me instead, on the condition that I make him a copy. Well, its been awhile, but here's your copy (haha).

DOWNLOAD: By the Grace of God / the Cause - Split 7inch 

Still Going... Getting Back into the Swing of things...

Me on the right & one of my first campers, Danny,
on the left, now a oldest boys counselor.
So, 3 weeks (give or take) without a post- what is this guy's problem? Summer Camp is my problem. Between Day Camp & Resident Camp (where the picture is from) my summer months can be swallowed up fast. It's been this way for 9-10 years now. All the extra things I do in life for leisure and fun always slow down or drop off in the summer months because I get occupied with these things. And for me, there isn't anything much better than being able to spend some time with youth, giving back and feeling like I am making even the smallest contribution to a positive experience for youth. It's something very close to a lot of my feelings about punk & hardcore and what it's taught me and given to me.

Okay- end rant.

I'm alive, the blog is alive, and so I will get back in to the swing of things as Summer 2011 wraps up here in the Northern Hemisphere and we roll back into that 9 month grind we call the school year.

Already some things lined up for later today/rest of the weekend.

The Leap of Faith.

Third X Party Records Ad

Leaving little to doubt about whether or not Third Party Records was a Straight Edge affiliated label, this nice silk screened ad was tucked inside of one of the 7inches I have that this label released. I'm sure many people probably pass off a lot of stuff that they did as somewhat generic youth crew revival, but they did have some diversity to the label. Besides the diversity, I loved that "generic youth crew revival" stuff. At least two TXP releases have already made appearances on this blog and there's bound to be a few more. Nick Baran, thank you!