Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mourningside - Dispose EP

Coming around towards the end of what could be said was a revival of metallic tinged Vegan/Edge bands playing a predominantly 90's influenced style of hardcore (at least in California), Mourningside slipped in along with bands like Abandon as some of the more notable bands were running their course and splitting up.

That's not to say Mourningside is a vegan/edge band, to my knowledge they were just a straight edge hardcore band; but more importantly a hardcore band with something to say. Not to be confused with a nu-metal esque side project of some other people, the band is usually referred to as Mourningside AD.

This 3-track EP was the bands first offering and shows their brand of chugging hardcore that continues forward at a constant pace, taking only moments of pause for a guitar only interlude with screaming vocals. To say that this ep is nothing new would be the truth; but to say that this ep is not worth listening to would be a complete lie.

With vocals that are usually a clean scream-talking yell and well timed guitar leads, Mourningside certainly has their moments where they remind me of Damien Moyal era Morning Again and even more so, Birthright; with the title track, "Dispose" being my favorite track on this short EP.

They later released a 4-song 7inch on Hard Press Records before disbanding. Word has it that the band is back together and has recorded new songs for a future release (they have played some shows sporadically).

More info, including picking up the 7inch at the Mourningside AD Blogspot

DOWNLOAD: Mourningside - Dispose EP

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