Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Offspring - Baghdad 7inch

A little 3-song EP (4 track, Im not counting the Blurb) from after the "Self-Titled" album and before the "Ignition" album, it has the original version of their cover of "Hey Joe", as well as an earlier version of "Get It Right" (later appeared on the Ignition lp) and an updated version of the song Tehran, titled "Baghdad", and a little instrumental song/sounds called "The Blurb."

The Offspring have long been a favorite band of mine- call it right place, right time with the release of their "Smash" album. However, it was the discovery of their back catalog soon after and more specifically their second lp, "Ignition" that hooked me. And one of my favorite songs, you guessed it, "Get It Right." I can't say that I have felt that way about anything the band has done for a very long time, with the hodgepodge of genre mashing and convolution that was "Americana" being my breaking point (Ixnay on the Hombre was a good record- hate me if you like).

All personal opinions, likes, & dislikes aside, a good little EP here from 1991, released on the legendary Nemesis Records. I had been after this one for awhile for both it being an Offspring record and it being on Nemesis (as I would like to get at least one of every release on Nemesis- don't get me started on the original version of their first lp & my unwillingness to pay supremely over-inflated prices for it). I picked this guy up for a very fair price at Amoeba in Northern California when up there for Rivalry Fest 4-5 years ago.


DOWNLOAD: the Offspring - "Baghdad" 7inch EP

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