Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback...

... Been busy, but currently ripping and scanning some newly acquired records to go along with the plenty that are still not posted.

So look for more posts, if not tonight, the rest of this "holiday weekend".

Also currently listening to the Youth Avoiders/Zombies Are Pissed! split 7inch. Simply great record!

Youth Avoiders post soon.... soon soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Snobs - Both 7inches + 2 tracks

The Snobs were a good, fast, and stripped down hardcore band from Texas in the very early 2000's. Coming across like an attack of early DC Hardcore blended with the unbridled HC Punk of early 80's California, the Snobs plowed through 2 7inches of short, blasting songs in their very short existence.

Think Teen Idles meets the Untouchables with an attitude like the first Middle Class 7inch, sans any melody or pause. "School's Out, Let's Skate" was released first, checking it with 8 songs in 8 1/2 minutes, followed in 2001 with the "Control" 7inch which hit with 6 songs in 6 minutes.

I remember when they were playing shows, there was a common story floating around that the Snobs had gone on tour, but the average age of the band was somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 and that one of their dads had come on tour with them. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me; in the sense that, one of them had a dad who came out on tour with them so that they could do their shit.

I've had this stuff forever and have been meaning to post it, especially since the few times I see anyone posting about them, the downloads have the 7inches and at most, the unreleased version of the song "School's Out." While not a whole ton more, this download has the records, the second version and a minor threat cover. I am fairly sure that I have some live tracks somewhere, but they're essentially noise.

Sadly, I do not own these records. They came out on My War Records, which unfortunately folded up and left many very good records out of print and in limbo. To my knowledge, both of these records had very little pressing, 1000 for Control & less than 500 for School's Out. Any of you out there who see them or are looking to possibly get rid of copies, please get in touch with me.

DOWNLOAD: the Snobs - Both 7inches + 2 songs

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Various Artists - "Rebuilding" 7inch

A Hardcore Comp. legend, in my books at least. How can it not be a great comp when the line-up is Turning Point, Burn, Gorilla Biscuits, and No Escape? A comp that contained those bands would be legendary, let alone one that is solely based around those bands.

At the time that it was released these songs were exclusive to this release. As most people reading this probably realize, the GB track ended up on the CD versions of both of their Rev. records, and the Turning Point track ended up on their discography that was released on Jade Tree.

This 7inch was later re-released as a CD/LP with the whole Turning Point/No Escape split ep as well as the Burn track from the "Forever" comp. Not really a comp at that point, so much as a Temperance Records collection; but nice none-the-less to have the stuff out there. This posting is just the 7inch, along with scans of all the artwork (another classic comp with the band pages- love it!!), as well as the scans for the animal rights pamphlet that was included with it; which is dated, to say the least.
Maybe someone can do proper Burn & No Escape discography's one day (No Escape does have some stuff that isn't too hard to find).

PS- I ended up locked out of Blogger for some time with updates they were making, apologies for that. Expect some more posts this weekend, later Saturday or Sunday. Now, its time for work... on a Saturday.

DOWNLOAD: "Rebuilding" Comp 7inch

Monday, May 9, 2011

A quick little post with a 7inch only track from those Orange County punk metal hardcore jokers, Death By Stereo.

Those of you not in the know, the picture to your left is the cover of a single they released on Indecision Records when their second lp (1st for Epitaph), Day of the Death, was released. It had the album track "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation" & the B-Side "Would You Like to Be My Neighbor."

Admittedly, I didn't follow the band very much after "Day of the Death"- those first two albums though, especially "If Looks Could Kill...", are some of my favorite and fun albums to listen to from the last 10 years or so. This little B-side falls somewhere in there with a bit more of an angsty, good friend track that almost conjures memories of 80's movies of friends running a muck and pulling off crazy shit together- cue the montage and play the song. Really though, good and catchy song with some well placed "Hey"'s in the right places and echoed vocals (in my eyyyyyeees) with a more melodic song, especially for the Death.

Happy Monday!

Download: Death By Stereo - "Would You Like to Be My Neighbor?"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Justice - Live videos

A big thanks to Thommy Browne for posting links to the video for the last No Justice show.
You can find said link in the comments for the No Justice post HERE. It gets a little choppy, pretty sure its an internet issue; because I've seen the footage before and it plays fine... well, as fine as a No Justice show can go with their nearly unhinged live show.

Check out the links on the youtube page for that video, or watch this bad boy here, which is part two.
No Justice has always been high on the list of bands I wish I could have seen, and for very good reasons.

Thanks again, Thommy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

V/A - Return of the X-Men Comp. 7inch x 2

There was no comp. post this past Thursday, for which I apologize. So, to mix things up a little we'll do a comp. on Saturday and make it a double 7inch comp. at that.

8 bands of varying mid/late 90's hardcore, most of which are from Europe. In fact, the only US band is By the Grace of God, who offer up a non-lp version of "Beneath the Blue" (later compiled on the Initial Records version of "Three Steps to A Better Democracy").

While I had heard of almost all of the bands on this record, BTGOG, Vitamin X, OIL, Mainstrike, & Spawn put forward the best tracks (in my opinion). Mostly, fast hardcore of many variations, Spawn checks in with the heavy, nearly 5 minute track here.

The download includes the scans for the whole layout, which explain nicely a bit more of the history behind this record and the fest that it is associated with. Good read while listening to these songs. The layout also has little sections for each band, which, if you know me and you follow this blog- that is one of the things i love most about comps, especially 7inch comps. I'm not sure how many of these tracks were exclusive to this release and remain so today, but the Mainstrike song is a live recording.

DOWNLOAD: Return of the X-Men Comp.

Outspoken - Coming of Age Fest 2005

Since Jump Breaks seem to be working much more here in this modern age (compared to when I was doing What We Want), it's become easier to do some photos on the blog. Personally, as much as I love taking & seeing live photos, I don't care much for blog posts that are 10 miles long because of pictures. Just kinda detracts for me. However, a well placed jump break can make all the difference. I can hop to the actual post by itself and look at everything; or, should I not want to see the pictures at that time, I can keep scrolling to the next post without all the pictures. Lazy? Maybe. But really, I think it just kinda clutters.

After the Chorus pictures, I've started sorting some more and here you get some Outspoken ones. In fact, there's enough that I will post maybe 6 or so and the rest will be in a zip file that anyone can download.

Hartsfield on the move

Feel free to use these as you like, if anyone wants to repost them on a blog, a zine, WHATEVER, just please let me know either with a comment or an email. Also, if you're using them, link me to the blog, post, or what not. And should you by some wild chance want to use them for a zine, it'd be nice to get a copy.

More after the jump, inc. the download

Final Exit - Too Late For Apologies 7inch

Umea Hardcore at it's finest. Final Exit released this 7 inch and 2 LP's in their very brief existence. Uncompromisingly in your face music, throaty but clear vocals, and lyrics with both a serious content (And Never Again, Oil Unit Corps God Government) and lyrics that can jab at the reality of straight edge kids who take themselves entirely too seriously (Bent Out of Shape) while still emphasizing their feelings about smoking (You Suck).

I first heard Final Exit, like many of my early HC discoveries that fell outside of the staple DC, LA, Boston, NY bands, through KSPC 88.7; having taped a show that played their song "Roles & Rules" off of their 'Umea' LP.

So loud, such a fervent pace to their whole sound, but a band that can bring a breakdown and a laugh and still have the song get done in a minute plus. This version of the record was released on the long running Third Party Records (Standard Issue, Reinforce, Halfmast, Get It Away, Xplauged with rageX, FPO, My Revenge! and many more).

PS- It was a long time before I found out that this band was basically that other band, who I won't mention.
I think I like Final Exit more, and I really like the middle records by that "other" band.

DOWNLOAD: Final Exit - "Too Late For Apologies" 7inch

CD, Tape, DVD, Zine Trading

Go It Alone - Tithemi: Redlands, Ca 2005
Something that I enjoyed in the past was tape trading. I heard a lot of bands, punk, hardcore and otherwise this way. I'm currently without a tape deck and to be honest, many people today probably wouldn't bother with the process to make one.

However, after a good run of coming across some bands that really excited me (Youth Avoiders, Zombies Are Pissed, and Black Spirals; among others), and some Zines I really dug (Just Say Yo! from France being my favorite because it arrived today and kicks ass), it got me in a mood for at least putting out there to swap CD's with people who are interested.

Local bands, new, old, whatever- you can get a vibe for what I like, and if you're here, I can take a stab in the dark at what you like. Yes, everything is so fucking easy to access, consume, and process. And there are things I like about that- I can get blown away by a band like Youth Avoiders that way. But there is still something much more to be said for getting a record or even CD of unknown music, a Zine filled with things to read, and so on. I remember the guy who ran Slug & Lettuce had a nice trade list going on where the first person sent stuff to the next person who signed up on the list and so on. Whatever you wanted to send, as long as actual music was involved. That was a cool idea.

Anyhow, Putting it out there- you can email me and I will gladly trade addresses. All are welcome, Out of State, Out of Country, everything. You can even send what you're most interested in. However, it needs to be actual mailed things, whatever they may be. No set standards other than music or music related.

PS- if you're looking at this 6 months or a year after this has been posted and the blog is still active, then the offer still stands. So send away!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Chorus of Disapproval - Coming of Age Fest 2005

i am the law, me! so long sucker....

Cue the bass line, and brace yourself for the downslide.
I find myself listening to the XCHORUSX for the first time in a very long time. I always knew that when I came back to it (I always knew I would) it would still explode and pull me in.

A Chorus of Isaac

I saw A Chorus of Disapproval the first time, I believe in what was early 1997, for a last show. It was Showcase with Clear and I believe Downfall/Optimus Prime. I have one of those huge Showcase show flyer/posters somewhere. What a fucking show. They get on stage, the lights go out, and these nature sounds come over the showcase PA, birds singing and what not- and then Regis' bass comes in for the opening of Downslide. Holy Shit! From there it is a surreal blur. Yeah, Chorus is strongly tied to their huge Straight Edge message, but they transcended that for me with such a feeling of emotional struggle and pain and things I could relate to in songs like Father's Day. It's not flawless, No Part still makes me cringe, Justice makes me laugh even though I like the song, a lot. But Downslide, Full Circle Stop, A Way Out, they still hit and hard. Not to mention a nice little combo of cover songs and a good laugh with Replacement.

I digress, the last time I saw them was the Coming of Age Fest again at the Showcase, in 2005. A few pictures to enjoy, after the jump

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Justice - Still Fighting 7inch

Here's a repost from the What We Want Blog, kind of. New rips and new scans, but same great hardcore record...

Hailing from Virginia/D.C., No Justice existed for an all too short time in the late 90's, recording this 7inch. I still think the Memories of Tomorrow comp track, Political Scheme, sounds slightly different than this version. But alas, this is it.

The 7inch came out on the Chicago label Underestimated around 1999 & featured the singer of Bladecrasher. Piled full of immense energy and what seemed an unending desire to destroy self & stage alike, the band tore apart everything- bolted down or not. Many No Justice stories have been told- like singer Timmy running about screaming into a megaphone, ripping instruments out of band members hands, and just general mayhem. Their shows are something of legends- taking the self-destructive live show of the early 80's bands into a pissed off youth crew type sound (dont rule it out if you don't like that sound, they break from that mold, a lot).

Here's a live show review I found on-line from 1999:

NO JUSTICE opened up first and their set was probably the craziest one I have seen in a while. Their music was decent youth crew sounding hardcore, but their onstage antics and quite possibly having the best jumping, energetic vocalist is what makes this band what they are. And let me tell ya, this was the first time that I have ever seen the opening band draw the largest crowd. Huge pile ons, stage dives in droves, and by the end, lots of blood too. I found myself laughing more than listening though because their singer was truely intent on either breaking his neck by jumping into spots where there weren't any people, or was more interested in destorying equipment such as the drummer's mic stand and a cymbal and stand which he threw into the crowd causing a wave of people getting the fuck out of the way. All I can say is that I'm glad that I'm a wuss and was standing in the back of the room.

PS- on the original post of this, Anton, from Underestimated had mentioned that this record is still available from Ebullition. It may be, and if it is, by all means get it. However, Ebullition no longer does small, individual orders- so round up some friends first. Anton, if you see this again, thanks for the great records you did with Underestimated, Ive appreciated that label for a very long time, and based on a note i found in a box, think i bought some auction records and tape traded with you once upon a time. Thanks again!

DOWNLOAD - No Justice - Still Fighting

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Strike A Match - "Demo 2011"

This one came to me by way of the band (thanks Erik) and offers up some good hardcore punk, heavy on the punky bits with some jangly guitars and a driving bass.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Strike A Match formed in 2009 and made this demo available earlier this year.

Political & socially conscious lyrics that deal with, among other things the different things made available to us to sedate all of us (television, wage slavery) or a better world to live in for the benefit of the masses are a large theme here. A definite anarchist slant, but we're not talking "rah rah anarchy and butt flaps and safety pins." Thought and sincerity shows on the bands part.

Musically, it can diverge off at times and show some abilities to play a little more jagged sound with some odd guitar parts and spots where the song completely shifts pace in a bit of an unexpected manner. I've got to say, the layout for the demo (included as a PDF) looks great, and while that isn't critical, being a record nerd, I can always appreciate a nice looking and well done bit of packaging.

Give it a spin, it might have to grow on you a little, but once you notice that is has, you're stuck!

PS- not that it matters, but members of Death is Not Glamorous, Damage Control, Soulfire, & Subject to Change. Point being, they've done it before with other bands, and they're doing it again.

Strike A Match on Bandcamp

DOWNLOAD: Strike A Match - "Demo 2011"

IE Vegan Pt. 2: Viva La Vegan Grocery Store

Buccaneer (3 Musketeer) & RazDillo (Zinger)

I will be the very first to say that I: #1 enjoy sweets, junk food, and most things fried and that #2 I went vegan for the animals and how I feel about the killing of animals, factory farming, and the dairy industry.
That being said, I still strive to eat better. However, after  7 years of veganism and 6 years of vegetarianism before that, I will be the first to admit to his own ruts, comforts, and concessions. In those 13 years I have developed a love for Ginger ( a nice, but acquired taste for a treat that can have more than just a snack advantage) and staples such as Kale/Seaweed snacks. Ive always been a very big fruit person, and I love most vegetable, even if I prefer some of them to have pepper and salt on them.

In the pursuit of both the conscious vegan and the snacking vegan I draw your
attention to Viva La Vegan Grocery in Rancho, California. While the Inland Empire has 3 Clarks Nutrition Locations that carry a ton of veggie/vegan options and a wealth of organic produce as well as Oasis/La Sierra Market which is all veggie/vegan, "Viva" as it is often referred to, is ALL VEGAN.

Viva La Vegan came to be late in 2010 through the hard work of quite a few people. It is the first all vegan store in the Inland Empire and just so happens to be situated rather close to two all vegan restaurant, Bright Star Thai Vegan (Thai food along with some american standards like fries, chicken nuggets, and a chicken burger), and the formerly Veggie Era, now a Loving Hut. It also must be noted that it is a mere 2 blocks from record nerd outpost, Dr. Strange Records. Viva continues to grow into it's space, which is connected to a Discount Store that is owned and operated under the same management.

As Viva has grown in its short life, it has gone from a few racks of things to more and more racks of food, clothing, toiletries, shoes, produce, freezers, cosmetics, and more. It continues to expand, with discount racks usually 3 racks full (no doubt a benefit to its parent association with a Discount Store), and look for more ways to reach into the local community as well as the vegan/veggie community. They have also taken to having monthly potlucks and other events which allow it be almost a gathering place as well as a store.

Viva La Vegan has astonishingly fair and even cheap prices, in part due to its resources, but more so, due to the stores willingness to work with distributors and try to provide the best to their customers. From working with companies like Baby Cakes and local Pizza shop Cheezy Pizza to provide their products in the store, to simply keeping prices to a bare minimum, the customer is truly the winner here.

Make sure you check it out if you're in the area or from the area; and if you know a veggie or vegan in the area or coming to the area, let them know. The store is still very new and the support means the world.

Viva La Vegan - Facebook
9456 Roberds St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701
Phone : (909) 941-4495
Store Hours: Mon - Sun:10:00 am-7:00 pm