Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Justice - Still Fighting 7inch

Here's a repost from the What We Want Blog, kind of. New rips and new scans, but same great hardcore record...

Hailing from Virginia/D.C., No Justice existed for an all too short time in the late 90's, recording this 7inch. I still think the Memories of Tomorrow comp track, Political Scheme, sounds slightly different than this version. But alas, this is it.

The 7inch came out on the Chicago label Underestimated around 1999 & featured the singer of Bladecrasher. Piled full of immense energy and what seemed an unending desire to destroy self & stage alike, the band tore apart everything- bolted down or not. Many No Justice stories have been told- like singer Timmy running about screaming into a megaphone, ripping instruments out of band members hands, and just general mayhem. Their shows are something of legends- taking the self-destructive live show of the early 80's bands into a pissed off youth crew type sound (dont rule it out if you don't like that sound, they break from that mold, a lot).

Here's a live show review I found on-line from 1999:

NO JUSTICE opened up first and their set was probably the craziest one I have seen in a while. Their music was decent youth crew sounding hardcore, but their onstage antics and quite possibly having the best jumping, energetic vocalist is what makes this band what they are. And let me tell ya, this was the first time that I have ever seen the opening band draw the largest crowd. Huge pile ons, stage dives in droves, and by the end, lots of blood too. I found myself laughing more than listening though because their singer was truely intent on either breaking his neck by jumping into spots where there weren't any people, or was more interested in destorying equipment such as the drummer's mic stand and a cymbal and stand which he threw into the crowd causing a wave of people getting the fuck out of the way. All I can say is that I'm glad that I'm a wuss and was standing in the back of the room.

PS- on the original post of this, Anton, from Underestimated had mentioned that this record is still available from Ebullition. It may be, and if it is, by all means get it. However, Ebullition no longer does small, individual orders- so round up some friends first. Anton, if you see this again, thanks for the great records you did with Underestimated, Ive appreciated that label for a very long time, and based on a note i found in a box, think i bought some auction records and tape traded with you once upon a time. Thanks again!

DOWNLOAD - No Justice - Still Fighting

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  1. Video form their last show.