Saturday, May 7, 2011

V/A - Return of the X-Men Comp. 7inch x 2

There was no comp. post this past Thursday, for which I apologize. So, to mix things up a little we'll do a comp. on Saturday and make it a double 7inch comp. at that.

8 bands of varying mid/late 90's hardcore, most of which are from Europe. In fact, the only US band is By the Grace of God, who offer up a non-lp version of "Beneath the Blue" (later compiled on the Initial Records version of "Three Steps to A Better Democracy").

While I had heard of almost all of the bands on this record, BTGOG, Vitamin X, OIL, Mainstrike, & Spawn put forward the best tracks (in my opinion). Mostly, fast hardcore of many variations, Spawn checks in with the heavy, nearly 5 minute track here.

The download includes the scans for the whole layout, which explain nicely a bit more of the history behind this record and the fest that it is associated with. Good read while listening to these songs. The layout also has little sections for each band, which, if you know me and you follow this blog- that is one of the things i love most about comps, especially 7inch comps. I'm not sure how many of these tracks were exclusive to this release and remain so today, but the Mainstrike song is a live recording.

DOWNLOAD: Return of the X-Men Comp.


  1. Thommy from BTGOG here -- thanks for putting this up. I still have the record but haven't broken it out in a long time. I have fond memories from playing Europe with those bands -- especially Mainstrike.

  2. You're welcome, Thommy. Thanks for making the music and for being in one of my absolute favorite bands- BTGOG. It is a good comp and Mainstrike was one of the first European bands I was aware of that were around and current when I was first getting really into hardcore (from punk).

    Weren't you also in Automatic? I have the (first) Automatic 7inch, with the kid on the bike for the cover. Been meaning to post that here too. Good stuff.