Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final Exit - Too Late For Apologies 7inch

Umea Hardcore at it's finest. Final Exit released this 7 inch and 2 LP's in their very brief existence. Uncompromisingly in your face music, throaty but clear vocals, and lyrics with both a serious content (And Never Again, Oil Unit Corps God Government) and lyrics that can jab at the reality of straight edge kids who take themselves entirely too seriously (Bent Out of Shape) while still emphasizing their feelings about smoking (You Suck).

I first heard Final Exit, like many of my early HC discoveries that fell outside of the staple DC, LA, Boston, NY bands, through KSPC 88.7; having taped a show that played their song "Roles & Rules" off of their 'Umea' LP.

So loud, such a fervent pace to their whole sound, but a band that can bring a breakdown and a laugh and still have the song get done in a minute plus. This version of the record was released on the long running Third Party Records (Standard Issue, Reinforce, Halfmast, Get It Away, Xplauged with rageX, FPO, My Revenge! and many more).

PS- It was a long time before I found out that this band was basically that other band, who I won't mention.
I think I like Final Exit more, and I really like the middle records by that "other" band.

DOWNLOAD: Final Exit - "Too Late For Apologies" 7inch

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