Friday, May 6, 2011

A Chorus of Disapproval - Coming of Age Fest 2005

i am the law, me! so long sucker....

Cue the bass line, and brace yourself for the downslide.
I find myself listening to the XCHORUSX for the first time in a very long time. I always knew that when I came back to it (I always knew I would) it would still explode and pull me in.

A Chorus of Isaac

I saw A Chorus of Disapproval the first time, I believe in what was early 1997, for a last show. It was Showcase with Clear and I believe Downfall/Optimus Prime. I have one of those huge Showcase show flyer/posters somewhere. What a fucking show. They get on stage, the lights go out, and these nature sounds come over the showcase PA, birds singing and what not- and then Regis' bass comes in for the opening of Downslide. Holy Shit! From there it is a surreal blur. Yeah, Chorus is strongly tied to their huge Straight Edge message, but they transcended that for me with such a feeling of emotional struggle and pain and things I could relate to in songs like Father's Day. It's not flawless, No Part still makes me cringe, Justice makes me laugh even though I like the song, a lot. But Downslide, Full Circle Stop, A Way Out, they still hit and hard. Not to mention a nice little combo of cover songs and a good laugh with Replacement.

I digress, the last time I saw them was the Coming of Age Fest again at the Showcase, in 2005. A few pictures to enjoy, after the jump

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Rocking the Clear Bass

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