Saturday, May 7, 2011

Outspoken - Coming of Age Fest 2005

Since Jump Breaks seem to be working much more here in this modern age (compared to when I was doing What We Want), it's become easier to do some photos on the blog. Personally, as much as I love taking & seeing live photos, I don't care much for blog posts that are 10 miles long because of pictures. Just kinda detracts for me. However, a well placed jump break can make all the difference. I can hop to the actual post by itself and look at everything; or, should I not want to see the pictures at that time, I can keep scrolling to the next post without all the pictures. Lazy? Maybe. But really, I think it just kinda clutters.

After the Chorus pictures, I've started sorting some more and here you get some Outspoken ones. In fact, there's enough that I will post maybe 6 or so and the rest will be in a zip file that anyone can download.

Hartsfield on the move

Feel free to use these as you like, if anyone wants to repost them on a blog, a zine, WHATEVER, just please let me know either with a comment or an email. Also, if you're using them, link me to the blog, post, or what not. And should you by some wild chance want to use them for a zine, it'd be nice to get a copy.

More after the jump, inc. the download

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