Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Snobs - Both 7inches + 2 tracks

The Snobs were a good, fast, and stripped down hardcore band from Texas in the very early 2000's. Coming across like an attack of early DC Hardcore blended with the unbridled HC Punk of early 80's California, the Snobs plowed through 2 7inches of short, blasting songs in their very short existence.

Think Teen Idles meets the Untouchables with an attitude like the first Middle Class 7inch, sans any melody or pause. "School's Out, Let's Skate" was released first, checking it with 8 songs in 8 1/2 minutes, followed in 2001 with the "Control" 7inch which hit with 6 songs in 6 minutes.

I remember when they were playing shows, there was a common story floating around that the Snobs had gone on tour, but the average age of the band was somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 and that one of their dads had come on tour with them. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me; in the sense that, one of them had a dad who came out on tour with them so that they could do their shit.

I've had this stuff forever and have been meaning to post it, especially since the few times I see anyone posting about them, the downloads have the 7inches and at most, the unreleased version of the song "School's Out." While not a whole ton more, this download has the records, the second version and a minor threat cover. I am fairly sure that I have some live tracks somewhere, but they're essentially noise.

Sadly, I do not own these records. They came out on My War Records, which unfortunately folded up and left many very good records out of print and in limbo. To my knowledge, both of these records had very little pressing, 1000 for Control & less than 500 for School's Out. Any of you out there who see them or are looking to possibly get rid of copies, please get in touch with me.

DOWNLOAD: the Snobs - Both 7inches + 2 songs

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