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Drop It! - Discoography

Drop It! was a Hardcore band from the Inland Empire in Southern California active from 2003-2005. Playing fast and to the point hardcore that fell somewhere in the area of equal parts revival HC and straight forward pissed off hardcore. Songs tend to clock in around the minute and a half or less mark with the occasional small breakdown or tempo change to mix things up a bit.

This discography covers their "What the Hell?" 7inch released on Western Front Records, split 7inch (w/ the Starting Point) on Impact Zone Records, & two demos.

Everything here was recorded during 2004, with the first tracks being from the session that yielded both 7inches (recorded in September). Tracks 11 - 17 are from the "official" demo which was recorded in May 2004. This was the bands second studio session at Vic D's studio and showed a slight shift for the band as singer, Stephen, took a little less harsh approach to his vocals. It's also noticeable for the second version of "My Best Friend" which differs the most notably (in my opinion), though all 3 versions here are distinct. Track 17 is a Circle Jerks cover with Vic on vocals (who would also lend his writing abilities on the 7inch track "In Oil"). The final 7 tracks are a bit of a repeat as they are the original demo that was only briefly available. These tracks feature different recordings of everything except the Circle Jerks cover and include the original and more harsh vocal style originally used.

DOWNLOAD: Drop It! - Discography

Former Members of Alfonsin - Let's Not Forget the City Burning in the Background"

Another personal favorite pulled from the old What We Want Blog, this one appears to have the link busted over there, need to fix that I suppose. Anyhow, info. below on this great Southern California band. Enjoy!

First things first- Former Members of Alfonsin are a band that I heard about a lot, but never saw and never got a chance to hear until a few years ago. I just missed them when they were around- bummer.

Former Members of Alfonsin do not contain any former members of a band named Alfonsin, so don't go looking for another band. They were however a really good (and interesting) mix of melodic hardcore and 90's emo sound. Fast at times and able to take it up to a frantic hardcore punk pace at times, they for the most part did the melodic hardcore thing with the old emo talk/sing-scream vocals (though some songs include alternating male/female vocals). Political, straight edge, funny- they truly deserve a proper re-release but until then they at least deserve some more recognition.

As well, while their stuff isn't impossibly hard to find, it isn't like you can walk into any store and find it. Information on them is sporadic as well. All of those things factored in, the download you find here is a personal Discography comprised from a playlist I have been playing around with, changing, and listening to for the last few months. I'm currently trying to get my hands on actual copies of their records (as I have none) but from my searching around I can share at least this much info:


1-6/7 are from their split 12inch with Project Hate released on Phyte
*one copy i downloaded had 6 songs, one had 7*

8-11 are from their split with Bread & Circuits released on El Grito

12-13 are their split 7inch with Sawpit

14-18 i know they recorded/released a demo, based on the quality I would guess that this is it.

I have some other assorted tracks, some that may be different versions or may be bad rips. I know there is also a live track from the Pickle Patch comp. and I think possibly another comp. track or two. Any more information is greatly welcomed.

DOWNLOAD: Former Members of Alfonsin - "Let's Not Forget the City Burning in the Background"

Members went on to be in Please Inform the Captain This is a Highjack (3 Members), Remain, Project Hate, & Amateur Party.
semi-logged into myspace: Former Members of Alfonsin , no clue if someone from the band runs it

Four One One - "Discography"

The last proper music post at What We Want Music Blog was this gem of a download. A fine note to go out on, to be sure. As such, I've brought it over here to keep it going, should the mediafire account at some point become inactive.

Four One One were a melodic post-hardcore band, at least that's what I think they would be called these days. When I heard them early in High School it was unlike anything I had heard at the time. I was still being fed on heavy diets of Minor Threat, Bad Religion, & Suicidal Tendencies.Fortunate for me, a local college radio show on Calremont College's KSPC 88.7 played all kinds of hardcore bands and I, like a good HC kid, taped the shows when I could, and caught the radio show playing "Say It" from the band's 7inch. Along with a skater friend of mine whose older brother was a few years ahead of us in school and punk/hc scene, we got exposed to the 411 lp "This Isn't Me".

Four One One was a Southern California melodic/post-hardcore band from the early 90's. Featuring a host of musicians from many varied bands (Farside, Triggerman, Rocket From the Crypt, Speak, & No For An Answer to name a few); the band meshed together mid-tempos of another kind with lyrical content that forced the listener to take notice; and agree or disagree; form an opinion of some kind.

Big drums, a very well blended guitar/bass attack, and those signature Dan O vocals, but being sung/spoken in a way that really shows what he's capable of as a frontman.

This updated post puts things back into one download together. When I had originally posted this, a very sharp blogger noticed I did not have the 411 track from the Discharge Tribute 7inch and promptly uploaded it. This new download includes everything together, including scans for the respective releases. A real 90's Hardcore/Punk gem, enjoy! And again, Jed Butterfield, where ever you are man, thanks again for dubbing "This Isn't Me" for me all those many years ago.

Download Includes:
"Thoughts That Feed the Fire" 7inch
"This Isn't Me" LP
"Flesh (live)" from Suburban Voice Comp. 7inch
"Life Minus Me" from Sign Language 3x 7inch Comp
"Mad At Myself" (GI cover) from the Headstart to Purgatory Comp CD
"Heartbeat (live)" unreleased track from Spanky's Riverside, CA likely '91 or '92
"State Violence, State Control" (discharge cover) from the Discharged Comp. 7inch

Full scans of the 7inch, LP CD booklet, Suburban Voice Record, Sign Language Comp. covers & 411's page from the booklet, Discharged 7inch cover & Back, Purgatory comp. cover & little 411 blurb.

*Side Note: there are unreleased tracks that apparently only Kevin Murphy has. An interview with Dan O. over at XStuckinthePastX brought this to light, as well as the fact that these tracks; not quite finished for a planned EP; will almost certainly not see the light of day. Really too bad, it would have been nice considering the direction the band had and the direction they were going in.

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