Sunday, January 30, 2011

Four One One - "Discography"

The last proper music post at What We Want Music Blog was this gem of a download. A fine note to go out on, to be sure. As such, I've brought it over here to keep it going, should the mediafire account at some point become inactive.

Four One One were a melodic post-hardcore band, at least that's what I think they would be called these days. When I heard them early in High School it was unlike anything I had heard at the time. I was still being fed on heavy diets of Minor Threat, Bad Religion, & Suicidal Tendencies.Fortunate for me, a local college radio show on Calremont College's KSPC 88.7 played all kinds of hardcore bands and I, like a good HC kid, taped the shows when I could, and caught the radio show playing "Say It" from the band's 7inch. Along with a skater friend of mine whose older brother was a few years ahead of us in school and punk/hc scene, we got exposed to the 411 lp "This Isn't Me".

Four One One was a Southern California melodic/post-hardcore band from the early 90's. Featuring a host of musicians from many varied bands (Farside, Triggerman, Rocket From the Crypt, Speak, & No For An Answer to name a few); the band meshed together mid-tempos of another kind with lyrical content that forced the listener to take notice; and agree or disagree; form an opinion of some kind.

Big drums, a very well blended guitar/bass attack, and those signature Dan O vocals, but being sung/spoken in a way that really shows what he's capable of as a frontman.

This updated post puts things back into one download together. When I had originally posted this, a very sharp blogger noticed I did not have the 411 track from the Discharge Tribute 7inch and promptly uploaded it. This new download includes everything together, including scans for the respective releases. A real 90's Hardcore/Punk gem, enjoy! And again, Jed Butterfield, where ever you are man, thanks again for dubbing "This Isn't Me" for me all those many years ago.

Download Includes:
"Thoughts That Feed the Fire" 7inch
"This Isn't Me" LP
"Flesh (live)" from Suburban Voice Comp. 7inch
"Life Minus Me" from Sign Language 3x 7inch Comp
"Mad At Myself" (GI cover) from the Headstart to Purgatory Comp CD
"Heartbeat (live)" unreleased track from Spanky's Riverside, CA likely '91 or '92
"State Violence, State Control" (discharge cover) from the Discharged Comp. 7inch

Full scans of the 7inch, LP CD booklet, Suburban Voice Record, Sign Language Comp. covers & 411's page from the booklet, Discharged 7inch cover & Back, Purgatory comp. cover & little 411 blurb.

*Side Note: there are unreleased tracks that apparently only Kevin Murphy has. An interview with Dan O. over at XStuckinthePastX brought this to light, as well as the fact that these tracks; not quite finished for a planned EP; will almost certainly not see the light of day. Really too bad, it would have been nice considering the direction the band had and the direction they were going in.


  1. Great! I like this band and i don't know all songs like GI cover or song from Sign langauge. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Im glad you appreciate it! I did not know about those songs for a very long time either. I really stumbled on both of them as I was preparing to post this on my old blog a year or so ago.

  3. Yeah thanks for posting this! i search so hard for it!