Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drop It! - Discoography

Drop It! was a Hardcore band from the Inland Empire in Southern California active from 2003-2005. Playing fast and to the point hardcore that fell somewhere in the area of equal parts revival HC and straight forward pissed off hardcore. Songs tend to clock in around the minute and a half or less mark with the occasional small breakdown or tempo change to mix things up a bit.

This discography covers their "What the Hell?" 7inch released on Western Front Records, split 7inch (w/ the Starting Point) on Impact Zone Records, & two demos.

Everything here was recorded during 2004, with the first tracks being from the session that yielded both 7inches (recorded in September). Tracks 11 - 17 are from the "official" demo which was recorded in May 2004. This was the bands second studio session at Vic D's studio and showed a slight shift for the band as singer, Stephen, took a little less harsh approach to his vocals. It's also noticeable for the second version of "My Best Friend" which differs the most notably (in my opinion), though all 3 versions here are distinct. Track 17 is a Circle Jerks cover with Vic on vocals (who would also lend his writing abilities on the 7inch track "In Oil"). The final 7 tracks are a bit of a repeat as they are the original demo that was only briefly available. These tracks feature different recordings of everything except the Circle Jerks cover and include the original and more harsh vocal style originally used.

DOWNLOAD: Drop It! - Discography

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