Saturday, May 14, 2011

Various Artists - "Rebuilding" 7inch

A Hardcore Comp. legend, in my books at least. How can it not be a great comp when the line-up is Turning Point, Burn, Gorilla Biscuits, and No Escape? A comp that contained those bands would be legendary, let alone one that is solely based around those bands.

At the time that it was released these songs were exclusive to this release. As most people reading this probably realize, the GB track ended up on the CD versions of both of their Rev. records, and the Turning Point track ended up on their discography that was released on Jade Tree.

This 7inch was later re-released as a CD/LP with the whole Turning Point/No Escape split ep as well as the Burn track from the "Forever" comp. Not really a comp at that point, so much as a Temperance Records collection; but nice none-the-less to have the stuff out there. This posting is just the 7inch, along with scans of all the artwork (another classic comp with the band pages- love it!!), as well as the scans for the animal rights pamphlet that was included with it; which is dated, to say the least.
Maybe someone can do proper Burn & No Escape discography's one day (No Escape does have some stuff that isn't too hard to find).

PS- I ended up locked out of Blogger for some time with updates they were making, apologies for that. Expect some more posts this weekend, later Saturday or Sunday. Now, its time for work... on a Saturday.

DOWNLOAD: "Rebuilding" Comp 7inch

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