Sunday, May 1, 2011

Strike A Match - "Demo 2011"

This one came to me by way of the band (thanks Erik) and offers up some good hardcore punk, heavy on the punky bits with some jangly guitars and a driving bass.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Strike A Match formed in 2009 and made this demo available earlier this year.

Political & socially conscious lyrics that deal with, among other things the different things made available to us to sedate all of us (television, wage slavery) or a better world to live in for the benefit of the masses are a large theme here. A definite anarchist slant, but we're not talking "rah rah anarchy and butt flaps and safety pins." Thought and sincerity shows on the bands part.

Musically, it can diverge off at times and show some abilities to play a little more jagged sound with some odd guitar parts and spots where the song completely shifts pace in a bit of an unexpected manner. I've got to say, the layout for the demo (included as a PDF) looks great, and while that isn't critical, being a record nerd, I can always appreciate a nice looking and well done bit of packaging.

Give it a spin, it might have to grow on you a little, but once you notice that is has, you're stuck!

PS- not that it matters, but members of Death is Not Glamorous, Damage Control, Soulfire, & Subject to Change. Point being, they've done it before with other bands, and they're doing it again.

Strike A Match on Bandcamp

DOWNLOAD: Strike A Match - "Demo 2011"

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