Saturday, May 7, 2011

CD, Tape, DVD, Zine Trading

Go It Alone - Tithemi: Redlands, Ca 2005
Something that I enjoyed in the past was tape trading. I heard a lot of bands, punk, hardcore and otherwise this way. I'm currently without a tape deck and to be honest, many people today probably wouldn't bother with the process to make one.

However, after a good run of coming across some bands that really excited me (Youth Avoiders, Zombies Are Pissed, and Black Spirals; among others), and some Zines I really dug (Just Say Yo! from France being my favorite because it arrived today and kicks ass), it got me in a mood for at least putting out there to swap CD's with people who are interested.

Local bands, new, old, whatever- you can get a vibe for what I like, and if you're here, I can take a stab in the dark at what you like. Yes, everything is so fucking easy to access, consume, and process. And there are things I like about that- I can get blown away by a band like Youth Avoiders that way. But there is still something much more to be said for getting a record or even CD of unknown music, a Zine filled with things to read, and so on. I remember the guy who ran Slug & Lettuce had a nice trade list going on where the first person sent stuff to the next person who signed up on the list and so on. Whatever you wanted to send, as long as actual music was involved. That was a cool idea.

Anyhow, Putting it out there- you can email me and I will gladly trade addresses. All are welcome, Out of State, Out of Country, everything. You can even send what you're most interested in. However, it needs to be actual mailed things, whatever they may be. No set standards other than music or music related.

PS- if you're looking at this 6 months or a year after this has been posted and the blog is still active, then the offer still stands. So send away!

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