Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Follows Mixtape # 2 : Drink Coffee and Destroy

Time for another Mixtape for the blog. I had planned a mini-one in honor of all the Carmageddon nonsense last month, but it got delayed. Next time.

This time around the mixtape is expanded a little more, again with the criteria of having stuff either released or to be released on the blog. The last one clocked in at just under and hour, this one clocks in closer to the 75 minute mark. Again constructed with an actual mix to it. Some build up, give way to a few moments of solace and then right back to it. Hope you all enjoy it- feel free to comment and throw things out there.

The Tracklist:

By the Grace of God - No School
Close Call - Slip Away
Reinforce - You Said
Drop it! - Counting Sheep (Wasting Time)
New Direction - I'm Bad With Names
The Cable Car Theory - Caffeine Battle Cry
Death By Stereo - Would You Like to be My Neighbor?
the Discipline Engine - Perfection Too
Notice 415 - Figments of Time
In the Grey - Province Town
Collision - Never Again
Written Off - Questions
Rain on the Parade - Respect (live)
Rancid - Can't Forgive (Embrace cover)
HFL - Nuclear Waste
Time for Change -III
the Assistant - I Don't Believe
the Shroud - the 8 Fathers of Salt Lake
Black Spirals - Still Sick
the Miracle Mile - 3 O'Clock at the Flag Pole, Be There
Blackspot - Drop
Agosto Espias - South Paw
Hot Cross - Solanka (live)
Moldar - Letting Things Go (to pieces)
Automatic - Not the Same
Skyline Awake - Seeking Solace
Voice of Reason - the Way Things Were
Bladecrasher - Do it for Yourself (demo)
Move Forward - the Only Constant
Let it Go - Interlude
Let it Go - Tear Down Your Idols
Straight Faced - Who Am I To Say
Where Eagles Dare - One Room Sanctuary

33 Tracks 74 Miniutes

DOWNLOAD: It Follows Mixtape # 2

(First Mixtape is HERE)


  1. Got my band(s) on their twice ... hollaarrrr. Downloadin'!

  2. I thought I might hear from you Thommy.
    The BTGOG track seemed a great way to set the tone and start it off. and the Automatic track, well, its just so damn good. If all the btgog stuff was out of print, id put it up in a second. That first ep, man! I digress.

    Did Automatic only do the two ep's and a comp track or two? I only have the two 7inches.

  3. excactly 16 minutes missing to call it a mix-tape