Saturday, August 6, 2011

By The Grace of God/ The Cause - Split 7inch

This split 7inch sees By the Grace of God in their later stages (this track would appear on the Initial Records re-release of their "Three Steps..." ep which included that ep plus assorted comp/split songs) with a song that starts of with a piano and spoken intro before the song kicks in with a mid-paced beat and those signature BTGOG era Rob Pennington vocals. A bit longer on the BTGOG side of things, this track shows another side of the band as they are able to continue a somewhat crawling pace throughout the song with momentary bursts of noise.

The Cause, from San Diego, bring a bit of a faster and more straight forward attack with their two tracks. A little punch and heavy riff or two thrown in with vocals that go from spoken to screamed in the same sentence are their formula. My first exposure to this band was their split with fellow San Diego-ians, American Tragedy, a very good CD if you can track it down. (If you can, post it. My burned copy has suffered through the years). The second track from the Cause shows off more of their heavy and even somewhat noisy side. Stop and go music that gives way to a pounding beat before again falling apart into a frantic guitar and vocal combo.

All in all, a very worthy little 3 song record. This can't be posted without giving a big shout to Big Brian from TFC/Xibalba because he had actually bought this at a show and I convinced him to sell it to me instead, on the condition that I make him a copy. Well, its been awhile, but here's your copy (haha).

DOWNLOAD: By the Grace of God / the Cause - Split 7inch 

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