Saturday, August 13, 2011

Move Forward - Move Forward EP

Arizona's Move Forward play fast and driving hardcore with throaty vocals, big drums, and just the right amount of melody and well timed punch.

Certainly a sound that has become more commonplace in the last few years, Move Forward not only do it well, but with fun and flavor. The newest EP builds off of last years "The Cost of Living" 7inch, taking it's punkier sound (and almost Hot Water Music-esque at times) and putting forth the new 5 song offering that comes straight at you with a bit of a harder sound than before.
Just about the time the first two songs have got you itching to run in circles and sing along, third track "Cutting Teeth" comes along with a bit more of a slower pace and parts where the guitar drops out and just the bass and drums pound out the back beat. Definitely the late-night-drive track on the record, it gives way to the shortest track on the record "Speak for Yourself", which brings things right back to the realm of run, scream, and drive fast.

Move Forward certainly has the ability to put out quality music and if the live show matches up, you will probably be hearing about this band for awhile to come. Being that they are in Phoenix (which also gave me one of my all time favorite bands- and people, Where Eagles Dare) hopefully they will make the trip to Southern California a few times.

DOWNLOAD: Move Forward - "Move Forward" EP


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