Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bladecrasher - 700 Club 7inch

Blade Crasher played a very straight forward, fast hardcore with just the slightest little almost heavy punk part to it. Youth positive, angry, and energetic; they existed for an all too short time with an equally all too short amount of output (demo, 7inch, and apparently 1 other track).

I honestly don't know a ton about the band other than some of the more well known things- they were from the Virginia area (at least I always heard them mentioned with VA bands & VA Beach), playing out with a lot of the bands of the east coast revival bands of the mid-90's (Time Flies, Count Me Out, ROTP, In My Eyes, etc.); and their singer Timmy went on to the even shorter lived No Justice, whose 7inch can be found here.

I do have the Blade Crasher demo (second gen copy from the good old tape trading days) but cannot at the moment place my photocopy of the cover, but look for it in the future. All in all, one of my favorite bands from the 90's revival, even if the 7inch does suffer a little of a thin sound (the demo doesn't).

For now, here's the Blade Crasher 7inch, released on Youngblood Records.

DOWNLOAD: Blade Crasher - "700 Club" 7inch


  1. very cool!! no one has ever found/uploaded their demo cover art!

  2. I have it, I just believe it is in a box my pregnant and nesting wife put under our bed... I will look this weekend

  3. I have the original with the cover art if anyone is still interested.