Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swindle - In The Red 7inch & Olivelawn - 4 is Greater than 2 / Cat's Farm 7inches

TIME TO KEEP SOME PROMISES... for those who requested Swindle & Olivelawn, here you go!!!!

Swindle has appeared here a few times on split 7inches (with the Finders and with Over My Dead Body), but this time they make an appearance all their own.

This 4-track 7inch comes from right around the time of their first album "Within These Walls" (1996). In the Red shows the band moving a little more towards the refined and snotty punk that would explode on their second lp "Better Off Dead" (1998). Still some what caught between young punk band with a funny and fuck you kind of attitude and the band that would emerge a little later and show that it could still be funny and even have that same snotty sound; but also hit its mark and write songs that a bit more of a developed sentiment. Yes, all while still remaining that loveable punk band with a penchant for some killer covers (seriously, the Skid Row and Violent Femmes covers are great).

DOWNLOAD: Swindle - In the Red 7inch

Shifting gears a bit, but staying in the realm of San Diego punk is one of the better early 90's punk bands (were there really that many at the time). Playing a bit of a loose and jangly sound that would become even more prevelant in the band that followed them (Fluf), O and the the crew cranked out some very fun punk to skate to.

The two 7inches found here, both released by Nemesis Records find the band both building to their debut lp and playing around with the sound a bit. 4 is Greater than 2 is pretty straight forward Olivelawn along with a great cover of the Love song "Signed DC", while Cat's Farm kind of has a little funkier sound that almost makes me think of some of the early 80's Seattle pre-grunge stuff (seriously, Cat's Meow could be a b-side to the Green River song "Swallow My Pride").

Both records make up a small offering of a good, if not slightly forgotten early 90's punk band. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Olivelawn - 2 7inches

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