Saturday, August 6, 2011

Still Going... Getting Back into the Swing of things...

Me on the right & one of my first campers, Danny,
on the left, now a oldest boys counselor.
So, 3 weeks (give or take) without a post- what is this guy's problem? Summer Camp is my problem. Between Day Camp & Resident Camp (where the picture is from) my summer months can be swallowed up fast. It's been this way for 9-10 years now. All the extra things I do in life for leisure and fun always slow down or drop off in the summer months because I get occupied with these things. And for me, there isn't anything much better than being able to spend some time with youth, giving back and feeling like I am making even the smallest contribution to a positive experience for youth. It's something very close to a lot of my feelings about punk & hardcore and what it's taught me and given to me.

Okay- end rant.

I'm alive, the blog is alive, and so I will get back in to the swing of things as Summer 2011 wraps up here in the Northern Hemisphere and we roll back into that 9 month grind we call the school year.

Already some things lined up for later today/rest of the weekend.

The Leap of Faith.

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