Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sincerity- It's For the Kids, Right? (It Follows Mixtape #1)

Still alive. Summer always tends to get the best of me with work cranking up another 5 or 6 notches. Add in the approaching birth of my first child and there you have it!

However, don't despair, the blog is alive and well. Ive continued doing things on my end to ensure that there are plenty of posts to come. It just takes a bit longer.

This time out we have a Mixtape of songs that have both been posted on the blog and have yet to be posted on the blog. This is something I have kicked around as an idea for some time and the formula of posted and unposted seems to give it a feel that its not just some shit you already have, arranged into a singular download.

Time was spent picking these 22 tracks and arranging them in a way that flows together to give the whole thing some flow and pacing. These were pulled from a larger playlist I had on my ipod for a few months and imported and edited so that they will go into your respective music player as ordered parts of the mixtape as well as still containing the info. embedded in them as to what actual release they came from. Enjoy!

Crash Davis - Removal
Ready to Fight - Work Sucks
DS 13 - Youth Crue Uber Alles
411 - Life Minus Me
Battery - Move On
Over My Dead Body - OMDB (live)
Committed - Get It Away (SSD)
the Finders - the New Civil Rights
the Third Degree - Instrumental
Former Members of Alfonsin - itty bitty
Chalkline - Torn
Quicksand - In the End
Samiam - Head Trap
Youth Avoiders - Joy
Swindle - The Wall
Stanford Prison Experiment - Natural's Not In (Gang of Four)
Six Feet Deep - Purify
Despair - As We Bleed
Flame Still Burns - Stick By Your Tattoos
Final Exit - You Suck
Overcome - When Beauty Dies
Follow Through - You Booze You Lose (live)

22 Tracks 54 minutes

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape #1: Sincerity- It's For the Kids, Right?

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