Thursday, July 14, 2011

As I Look to the Future Comp. 7inch

Just a quick one for everybody. I picked this comp up by chance a few months back based soley on the fact that it was a few bucks and had an early Bane song that seemed to pre-date the 7inch that the song appears on (though it did appear on their demo tape).

Sure enough, the song, "Lay the Blame", doesn't sound like the demo tape version (granted I have a rip of undetermined origins).

The other three bands are okay, but nothing here to really go crazy for. It is a nice glimpse into some things going on a while back as the bands are from all over (Texas, Mass, NY, and CT) with a little punk and some HC. Bane is by far the winner for me, but perhaps some of you also get to pick up a song from a local band you loved (because I myself am of the same type and definitely have some bands in my collection that I wouldn't like if they weren't local bands I had been raised on)


DOWNLOAD: As I Look to the Future Comp.

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