Monday, March 14, 2011

Anything Goes - "The Party's Over" 7inch

HAPPY MONDAY, here's one for the car ride to work. Anything Goes was an early 2000's hardcore band from New Jersey. I don't know a ton about the band, and came across them only because guitarist, Jay Pepito, had sent me their demo tape years ago after I had been in contact with him about his previous band, A Thin Line Fading (which also included future Down In Flames guitarist John Devlin on vocals).

I still have the Anything Goes demo tape (though currently no tape deck) as well as the A Thin Line Fading discography cd, but today you get the Anything Goes "The Party's Over" 7inch. Release in 2001 on Broken Glass Records, it offers up good old standard hardcore- driving songs that give way to bass lines and pounding drums; a little melody under the angry music that abruptly stops and restarts. This style got to be pretty standard for a few years; but here, it is far from boring and still a few years from over done. Standout tracks include the re-recorded demo track "Same Old Story" as well as the song "All That Matters" which has a nice drum/bass break that builds to a nice little melodic tempo change and the sage advice 'always up everyone's ass, keeping up on all the trends, you've got all the right records, but you still can't buy friends' . (Ed. Note- its a catchy line in the song and a point shared, but the intended sarcasm in "sage advice" should be noted).

DOWNLOAD: Anything Goes - "The Party's Over" 7inch

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