Sunday, March 27, 2011

Admiral - "Revolving and Loading" 7inch

It's safe to say that Ebullition has a classic sound, right? In fact, probably a few classic sounds. Admiral definitely fits into the tried and true emo/hardcore sound of the mid-90's, one which Ebullition helped nurture and grow.

This 3-song 7inch released on Ebullition, consists of some very Fugazi era Ian MacKaye vocals over mid-paced punky hardcore. The songs here build and rise from slower starts and hit the occasional faster part, and plenty of of drums and bass parts where the guitar drops out as the singer belts out the vocals.

Not a bad track and not a moment that disappoints in these three tracks of emo|hardcore. Download, reminisce, enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Admiral - Revolving & Loading 7inch


  1. Both 7"s are awesome. Great band!

  2. Agreed. Unfortunately, I currently only own Revolving & Loading. Self-Titled is good, but I dont have a great rip of it.