Friday, March 18, 2011

RJD2 - Live on the Radio 8/2004

HAPPY FRIDAY: This is another one that was posted back in 2009 on the What We Want Blog.

Rjd2 (Ramble John Krohn) is a DJ/turntablist/multi-instrumentalist from Ohio. Chances are, if you've listened to underground hip-hop in the last 5-10 years, you've heard something he's done. Whether from when he started out with Mhz to his extremely popular first two solo records "Deadringer" & "Since We Last Spoke", both originally released on underground giant Def Jux. He also is one half of the duo Soul Position with Emcee/DJ Blueprint, did a whole album for Aceyalone (Magnificent City), broke far from the pack with his third solo album "The Third Hand" as he crossed over into pop music and just currently began releasing under another name as the Insane Warrior. You've almost certainly heard his music in commercials or as the theme music to Mad Men. A hardworking guy who doesn't appear to be letting up soon, he established his own label a few years ago and promptly re-released his Def Jux material as both single releases and in a very nice box set.

This mix set is from a BBC Radio show called Breezeblock. The show would invite lots of well know musicians and other famous people to do a show of their own; whether that was playing bands they thought people should check out or doing a near 30-minute mix as rjd2 did. The mix ventures across lots of spectrums from hip-hop to r&b, soul, rock, and most points in between. He keeps it fresh with some pretty recognizable hooks, pieces of rj standards, and obscure tracks that make you want to search out the original. And dammit if, by the time you notice the song has transitioned he has done it so seemlessly that you're probably two transitions behind. Definitely for fans of all kinds of music. Good stuff to drive at night, clean, or just relax. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Rjd2 - Breezeblock 8.6.2004

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