Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burn Your Life Down - Demonstration

Hailing from Southern California (at least when this was recorded) & featuring members of numerous Inland Empire hardcore bands that have split up in the last few years, the band came together earlier in 2010 to write before recording this little three track demo late in the year at the ever active Earth Capital Studio.

Burn Your Life Down plays it fast and heavy, with a sound not dissimilar to northern California's defunct the Separation; but with a more compact sound and not quite so deafening. Make no mistake, Burn Your Life Down comes right at you and aims to hit you square on the head  and leave you with a mark. 3 songs in under 6 minutes = goal achieved.

Currently the band is scattered amongst the west coast with singer Andrew having recently relocated to Seattle, bassist Anthony in Portland, and the remainder of the band guitarist Romeo, guitarist (and sometimes bassist) Matthew, and drummer Alex all still in southern California. The band hopes to move forward in one capacity or another in the new year, so keep a lookout for new things & for now listen to the demo.

UPDATE: the Download Link was messed up, Fixed now!

DOWNLOAD: Burn Your Life Down - "Demonstration"

Band Website: Facebook | Glory Kid Ltd. (label) Site

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