Monday, March 28, 2011

God Forgot - Don't Touch / Sex Is A Weapon

God Forgot was Dan O'Mahoney & Kevin Murphy's side project in/around the time they were both in 411. Not nearly as melodic as 411's sound, God Forgot bridges the gap from the aforementioned 411 to bands like Quicksand. The first track "Don't Touch" could be a lost recording of 411 that didn't fit the style & "Sex is A Weapon" leans far more towards Quicksand with its grooving sound

Overall, a nice little two song 7inch of Post-Hardcore that unfortunately never recorded any more. As most know, Dan went on to Speak 714 and John Henry Holiday; he's also written a few books, has done some work with spoken word and has a non-musical project called Silence Lies. Kevin would play in Triggerman with many other OC Hardcore alums and eventually found his way into the long running Farside.

DOWNLOAD: God Forgot - Don't Touch / Sex Is A Weapon

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