Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voicebox - "Silence Lies" 7inch

Another entry in the list of bands & projects that fall into the category of "Dan O'Mahony" bands. From well known acts such as No For An Answer & Four One One (411 "Discography" on It follows HERE) to smaller bands like God Forgot, John Henry Holiday, or this little two track record.

Teaming up with Chuck Treece, professional skater and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire (McRad & Underdog), to put down two songs of rocking hardcore. The first song, "Cold Inside" is the standout track for me, with is running guitar leads and slight groove in the guitars; it calls up thoughts of some of the later 80's Bad Brains as well as bands that would come later in the 90's Post-Hardcore explosion.

Another release from Dan's Workshed Records (Blackspot "Check Out the Helmet" being another posted here already), this one was done towards the end of the 80's with Dan doing vocals & design, Chuck handled all of the music. A good little studio project and it would seem the birth of Dan's Silence Lies references (he runs a website now and referenced it in a Speak 714 song). Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Voicebox - "Silence Lies" 7inch

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