Friday, March 25, 2011

Murder City Devils - Live on KNND 1998

In case you've been in a cave, the Murder City Devils are a punk/rock band from Washington. Active off & on again since the mid-90's, this set is from October 1998. This set includes the "full" line-up with Leslie Hardy (Johnson) on organ/keys and all the other regular suspects in their respective spots. This was done in studio on the air. I was late to this band, not hearing them until a friend bought "In Name & Blood" and played it one night. I was hooked. Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, a swagger all their own, flaming drums, and that fucking organ. 

I had to convert these and re-tag them. I have the suspicion that theyre not fully tagged, so i'll post the song order to make it easier (though most downloading this are probably big enough fans to know the songs) the picture isn't the set list for this show, I was looking for a picture and it seemed a bit appropriate. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: the Murder City Devils - Live Radio Set October 1998

1- Murder City Riot
2- Dance Hall Music
3- Idle Hands
4- 18 Wheels
5- I Want Alot Now (So Come On)
6- Boom Swagger Boom
7- From the Cradle to the Grave
8- Broken Glass

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