Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Info. & More

As we start to hit our stride here at 'It Follows' some things are starting to take shape and possibly become "regular". For example:

Monday: There will be come kind of music download post to kick off the week. Right now I'm trying to go with some work drive music, today was Anything Goes, next Monday will be the Breathe In "Nervous Breakdown" 7inch.

Tues/Wed: there might be something, there might not. At least one of the two days there should be something, at the very least an old ad or interview.

Thurs: Comp. Day. I've got comps coming out of my ears, enough already ripped and scanned to probably last well into the summer. This Thursday will be the great Indecision Records live comp, "Devil's Night Out." It just gets better from there.

Fri: Something, sometimes a real surprise, some times a smaller download. It's a little something as we roll into the weekend.

Sat/Sun:  Typically the meat and potatoes. A couple posts over the two days, plenty to keep you busy and having a good old time.

Demos/Submissions: Bands, Musicians, & Labels- I'm always more than glad to post something up. I WILL listen to it, it might not be right away. I love label samplers too. I appreciate info. & preferably lyrics, even if just a text file. Not to be fancy, but because I will be posting this up on my blog. As long as it meets the criteria of not being sexist/racist/homophobic, I will post it with a write up. Like record reviews, it will be fair and an honest opinion

Contributors: As the blog starts to grow and get more consistent I'd like to have some interviews. That's the thing I have the least amount of time to do. Sure, there are some local bands/people I will likely do short interviews with, but I'd be more than glad to have some help in that area. I can't offer much, full credit will be yours 100% of the time. At this time it would be a scenario of you emailing me and letting me know how you'd like to help out and/or email interviews and pictures (if you have some) and I will post them. I'm not quite to the point where I'm looking for help with actual posts, maybe in a few months.

Other Blogs: I'm always up for swapping links. However, if your blog has a majority of downloads that aren't out of print music, I'm not interested. Don't get me wrong, feel free to add me to your blog roll and I'll gladly plug you guys, but this blog is for out of print/unreleased and stuff that is authorized by bands/labels to be posted. I'm not condemning you, its just not why I'm doing this.


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