Saturday, March 12, 2011

Proof - Blood Money EP

Heavy Hardcore from Romania. The band definitely takes from metal & metalcore bands of the past, but plays it within that tried and true hardcore format of pushing loud music to its sonic & speed limits without crossing into either pure noise or thrash territory. Guttural vocals and lyrics in english, there are definite moments, especially with the vocals, where you can catch glimpses of bands like Tragedy. Overall a fairly good ep with lyrics that deal with prejudice, tolerance, oppresion, and standing up for one's rights. Not exactly what I expected when I hit play, I must say that I'm very pleased to have had this show up in an email last week. This is the first thing submitted to It Follows from a band/musician/label. Always feel free to send your band's music to the blog for posting- email: . You can also email for an address if you want to mail something. Enjoy it everyone, they are currently working on a new record.

Proof on facebook

DOWNLOAD: ProoF- "Blood Money" EP

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