Friday, March 11, 2011

Refused - Live in Sweden 1997

A nice little treat to start off the weekend with. Now, most people have an idea who the little hardcore band from Sweden was, especially after the "New Noise" video. This set-list draws much more on older songs from their much more straight forward hardcore records.

Don't forget how good this band was with records like "Everlasting" & "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent"; as this live set list shows. "Shape of Punk to Come" still comes off a bit bloated (I own it, I still listen to it, but it took me some time) and out of place to me. Much more direct with their music and lyrics earlier on, Refused deserved the praise heaped on them long before their last record. Plus, their association with Final Exit is reason enough to enjoy them (laugh, its just a joke and a way to expose any of you who might not know who the Swedish Final Exit were).


DOWNLOAD - Refused - Live 1997

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