Saturday, March 19, 2011

Find Him and Kill Him - You Can't Fuck With the Kids

FIND HIM!!! KILL HIM!!! GO!!!!! Such a fun thrashy hardcore punk band in the early/mid 2000's, but boy could they pull out the breakdown for their namesake song. San Diego's Find Him and Kill Him released a handful of 7inches & a full-length in their time, as well as making a few comp releases; to my knowledge (and I could be wrong), this is their first 7inch.

As stated, thrashy hardcore punk- fast and to the point; old school hardcore music, punk attitude and enough energy in the live setting to fuel a room. One of the first times I saw them after getting into them, the stage at the smell collapsed under their feet (I know, when wasn't it) and the show just rolled right on. Their singer Spencer always seemed to be on the move, jumping about & thrashing around.

After the band's demise, the singer and guitarist turned up in the band Last Priest, which I always saw as somewhat of a continuation of FHAKH. It was different from FHAKH, but not too much. Download this record and just wait for the eponymous "FHAKH" and get ready to break things. Seriously. Expect more Find Him and Kill Him on the blog in the future.

DOWNLOAD: Find Him and Kill Him - "You Can't Fuck With the Kids"

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