Saturday, March 12, 2011

Agosto Espias - Know Your Tragedy 7inch/EP

Agosto Espias (August Spies) were a very short lived Hardcore band from the Inland Empire, California that played a very 90's sounding emo/punk influenced sound.

The band came together in late 2009 when vocalist Andrew teamed up with guitarist Kevan. They brought in friend Anthony on bass and Bryan on drums. Together they wrote and recorded a 4 song demo from which the 7inch is derived (the download includes all 4 songs).

After a few shows Anthony exited the band due to other band commitments and friend Matt entered on bass. Unfortunately, only a few more shows would be played in 2010. The band lost speed as Kevan moved away for school and members moved on with other endeavors.

Andrew, Anthony, & Matt can currently be found in the new band, Burn Your Life Down who have a 3-song demo out.

The download includes the complete demo. The 7inch is a one time pressing of 200 & can purchased from the newly relocated Glory Kid Ltd.
A Band Site with info., pictures, and more remains up here

DOWNLOAD: Agosto Espias - Know Your Tragedy

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