Thursday, March 31, 2011

Under Your Influence - SSD Tribute Comp. 7inch

GLLLLLUUUUUUUEEEEEEEE!!!!! Where Fear & Weapons Meet kick off this fine tribute 7inch with the SSD anthem. This really is one of the better tribute records out there, and being a 6 song 7inch helps, all the bands can pick a song from the SSD catalog that is of supreme quality and no one gets stuck with How We Rock (really though, tribute lp's of a single band can lag, but a 7inch gives you just enough cover song enjoyment for one sitting).

The aforementioned Where Fear and Weapons Meet kick it off and it just follows with a bit of a who's who of late 90's old school/revival influenced bands; Ten Yard Fight, Committed, Fast Times, Time Flies, & Kill Your Idols round out the record. The record label should have tried to sneak the Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover of "Police Beat" on the record (which is such a fucking great cover!).

All in all, a tribute record the way it should be- a great band to pull songs from, a good

selection of bands in a fairly similar style to each other (I like different covers as much as the next guy, but look at the Bad Brains tribute as a case in point, the odd covers stand out like sore thumbs), and the record end just about the time you realize its started (it just restarted as I type this)- 6 songs: 9 minutes. Enjoy & a big thank you to Vicious Circle for putting this record out!

DOWNLOAD LINK FIXED: "Under Your Influence" Comp.

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