Friday, April 1, 2011

Time For Change - Live on KSPC 88.7

Time for Change were a hardcore band from the Inland Empire, Ca. area from 2003-2009. They played a 90's influenced style that also drew on old school influences. Pissed off hardcore that could throw in a well placed breakdown with lyrics that drew on personal struggles and experiences, and the occasional straight edge song.

In their time they recorded a demo, 2 ep's, 2 7inches, an lp, and a handful of comp. tracks; ending with this live set shortly before their break-up. This 12 song set was recorded at the long running KSPC station here in Southern California which is operated by the 5 prestigious colleges that make up the "Claremont Colleges" in Claremont, California. At the the time of the recording the band was Andrew: vocals, Matt: guitar, Jordan: guitar, Brian: drums, and Fick: bass (who is not on this recording).

Members went on to Agosto Espias, Xibalba, Wunami, Burn Your Life Down, Darassum, & more- not to mention that the band featured members of many other bands of the same time. Singer Andrew also runs the recently relocated record label Glory Kid Limited (Convulsions, Restrained, TFC, Maladie, Separation, Outrage, & more). He's also a good artist who's done work for quite a few bands.

DOWNLOAD: Time For Change - Live on KSPC

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