Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Cal Thrash Demolition (Vol. 5)

Volume 5 in 625 Thrash's 'Barbaric Thrash' series. 8 bands, 11 songs, 7 1/2 minutes- really, what more could you say about something like that?

A great addition to the series, though it seems like it gets a bit overlooked in comparison to some of the earlier releases which had bands like What Happens Next, Lifes Halt, Lie, & Crucial Section. All of these So Cal bands offer up good tracks, with the stand outs being Find Him and Kill Him (offering two songs), Out of Vogue (who also have a 7inch, split, and demo tape that will probably find their way on the blog at some point), & Youth Riot. I also have to confess that Apathetic Youth's 3 tracks have a charm to them that I didn't initially feel so strong about- they also do a Despise You cover.

All in all, a really good record with some drive fast, skate hard music.

DOWNLOAD: So Cal Thrash Demolition (Barbaric Thrash #5)


  1. If you could... I'd be VERY appreciative of that other Out Of Vogue stuff fining its way onto this blog.............

  2. Davey, the 7inch & Split will as soon as I get a chance to scan the covers. As for the demo, I still am without a tape deck, so it has to wait. Real shame too because I haven't heard it in SO long.