Thursday, April 28, 2011

Horizon Records Comp: Ressurection, Flagman, Lifetime, & Encounter

What a great comp. I've come to realize that I am more fond of 7inch records, especially when it comes to comps. Just something about 4-6 songs/4-6 bands that appeals more to me. I'm sure years of punk/hardcore music has taken an irreparable toll on my attention span, either way, here's a great comp from the first half of the 90's.

Each track is a winner and offers some variety in sound; though each is threaded together with a touch of older/more straight forward style of hardcore. Ressurection offers up the to be expected cathartic and screaming 90's hardcore that would elevate them to their deserved status of being one of the better bands in the 90's Flagman & Encounter both play a style that definitely shows the influence of 90's emo and the burgeoning screamo sound. Pauses, melodic guitar parts, and the occasional quiver in the voice; both bands do it well, but the Encounter track is noticeably better (both bands released good 7inches as well). Lastly, Lifetime offers up a track from early on in their existence and shows a much more hardcore rooted sound than the melodic/poppy hardcore that they would become so famous for. In fact, both the Lifetime & Ressurection tracks come from the time frame of when both bands were very intertwined with members (Ari playing drums in Ressurection & singing in Lifetime, Dan Yemin playing bass & guitar respectively).

A newer addition to my personal collection, and for cheap I might add (at least in my opinion)- and one I'm all to glad to share. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Horizon Records Hardcore Compilation 7 inch

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