Friday, April 29, 2011

A Thin Line Fading - "Discography"

A Thin Line Fading were, as you can see, a sXe hardcore band from New Jersey in the 90's. They played a style of old school hardcore at a time when the mid/late 90's revival was really in full swing again. Building intro type music on a song like "Neville Chamberlin Was A Chump" (aka Fuck You) that shows just a hint of melody, to shorter blasts like "Better Than Her" which also breaks from standard lyrical fare and deals with domestic violence.

I could certainly see ATLF playing a show somewhere between In My Eyes & Fastbreak (pre-Rev lp) as there are songs that have some vocals that drift somewhat away from out & out screaming and add some singing as the music changes pace for a brief moment.

I came across this band just by chance on the good old interwebs when they were still active, sometime in the mid/late 90's. I think it was via Laces Out and around the time In My Eyes came out for the Rev Tour. I distinctly remember one of the guys from Laces Out, who I had been talking with at the time had shared that In My Eyes was opening their sets on the tour with the Minor Threat cover songs. I digress. I heard the band on their website and wrote the band about getting a hold of their stuff. I had also been trying to put together a compilation record at the time and the band had been gracious enough to send me a CD with the demo, split with Gatecrashers, and 3 unreleased songs. In fact, the CD case which is packed away somewhere actually has a nifty sticker on it with a picture of the band. Good Times.

Members went on to, among other things, Anything Goes (whose 7inch is posted HERE) and Down In Flames.

*Demo cover boworrowed from HC/Punk Demo Tape Archives, a fine blog, so check it out.

DOWNLOAD: A Thin Line Fading - "Discography"

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