Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strife Poster & Flier 4.11.1997 @ Showcase Theatre

This was the first time that I saw Strife live. If memory serves, they had just come back from tour. i remember that Rick looked pretty scruffy and his voice was starting to give out (which he acknowledged). This was one of the few shows I had managed to drag some of my diehard punk friends who hadn't made any transition to hardcore (beyond Minor Threat or Black Flag)to. Surprisingly, they enjoyed it. I remember one of them, who to this day is one of those washed up diehard "punks" (oi! oi! up the punx), was very impressed by Strife & Rick's sincerity and his staying to talk to and shake hands with anyone who wanted to talk.

I also believe this was the only time I ever saw Rule of Nines, I might have seen Insurgence a few other times. I know it was the only time I saw Sparkmarker & Circle Storm. I remember Sparkmarker getting mad & telling the crowd not to mosh/hardcore dance. Circle Storm, holy shit. I believe this was one of only 3-4 shows they ever played. I had the ep/7inch and dug it, and of course loved Chain. I remember Curt remarking something to the effect "there's more chain shirts than Circle Storm shirts in the crowd, what's up with that?" Haha. They also closed with playing 'True Til Death'. Hmmm.
Strife was great and set a definite bar to live up to. Rick's vocals were going out, but the crowd and the energy definitely picked up the slack. 14 years ago this Monday, that's wild.

Circle Storm's set from that show:

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