Saturday, April 2, 2011

Extent Fanzine Pictures: 108, By the Grace of God, & Ignite

In the mid/late 90's John LaCroix (Ten yard Fight) ran a great zine from Boston named Extent. I've only seen the last two copies, having picked one up at Dr. Strange Records when it had come out & then having been quite fortunate enough to have a copy sent to me by John when writing him about back issues. Both issues came with great interviews, lots of pictures, good articles, & 2 very diverse sampler cd's.
The Redemption 87 post found HERE also includes scans of their interview from the same issue of Extent that these pictures came from. 
It goes without saying that I love 108, By the Grace of God still remain as one of my absolute favorite bands, ever, period; and Ignite were one of my favorite bands to see live circa Call On My Brothers/Past Our Means.
(Click the picture to see it larger)

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