Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bankrobber - 3 song Live Tape

Coming from Colorado, Bankrobber play what can only be described as a sound with as much in common with Strife's "Truth Through Defiance" as Agnostic Front's "Victim In Pain."

What I'm trying to say is, the songs are heavy & with plenty of riffs and breaks to make you stomp and thrash around, but with a speed and fury that owes to old school hardcore & punk. To give you a proper idea of what I'm getting at, their debut 7inch "Vultures" (pick up a copy here) tears through 6 songs in 10 1/2 minutes. All the the way through there are plenty of parts to get a huge circle pit going as well as bringing it down a step or two so everyone can floorpunch and go nuts. The vocals make me think much more hoarse and kind of a punkier cross of Overcome's "When Beauty Dies" and Coalesce.

The live tape (which pre-dates the 7inch) doesn't disappoint any either. I was skeptical after hearing the 7 inch first when a friend's band had played with the band while on tour (because, after all, it was live). But, the tape offers up the same brand of fast and wreckless sonic abuse. Taking the best elements of heavy 90's hardcore and pushing it into a faster, tighter framework.

The band offered this up for download on their facebook and still sell copies of the tape at their shows, they will be playing down my way in California later this month as well as planning to record an lp late spring/early summer. Look out for that when it sees light. For more info: Bankrobber (facebook)

DOWNLOAD: Bankrobber - Live 3 Song Tape

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