Friday, April 8, 2011

Amendment 18 - "Defining the Color: Conviction" 7 inch

Happy Friday Afternoon everyone, hope you gave the article below a good read, it's worth a look. As for this post, we have the second 7 inch from southern california hardcore band, Amendment 18. Released on Organized Crime Records out of Illinois, this shows some of their first changes from a very standard sounding old school hardcore sound to a fuller sound that had small touches of more modern/new school touches.

Make no mistakes, old school hardcore here with some new songs (Dig, In Droves, & Bitter Pill), an older song (Where I Left Off) , & a cover (Real Deal) that helps this 7 inch bridge the gap from the first lp/7inch to the lp that followed this.

Included in the download is a few different scans because this copy came with three covers (that doesn't include the other cover for the pre-press with the razor blade), including some pictures by yours truly. This record also lists different people based on who was in the band at the time, but I believe the line-up was Isaac, Hartsfield, Chris Smith (also on the previous 7 inch), & Steve Insted. Enjoy and check back tomorrow, should be a good size dose of some early 90's hardcore.

DOWNLOAD: Amendment 18 - Defining the Color 'Conviction'

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