Friday, April 29, 2011

Six Feet Deep - "Struggle" + Comp Song

Rolling with the Ohio trend started with Gordon Solie comes Six Feet Deep. Existing in the 90's, and yes, they were a Christian band, however, they came from a time and a place where many bands could co-exist. For example, the extra track here is an earlier version of the album's lead track "Angry Son", which is from Dwid's "Dark Empire" compilation.

Six Feet Deep played a heavy and grooving hardcore that not only shows the time they existed in, but that they hailed from the midwest. Shouted vocals that almost snarl at times and at other times shows some early more rap style vocal patterns. All in all, a good dose of 90's hardcore, heavy on the groove, but not super heavy on the religion. A good CD, but to be honest, their real good stuff was the album that followed this, "Road Less Traveled", which showcased the band expanding their sound some and introducing some instrumental parts, thicker textured guitars, and even some singing. Unfortunately, that record came out as the band disintegrated and gave way to the band Brandston. That one will get posted at some point too. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Six Feet Deep - "Struggle" + 1

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