Saturday, April 16, 2011

State - No Illusions E.P.

I discovered this piece of 80's hardcore fury when I picked up a bootleg comp. 12 inch that compiled this 7inch as well as records from Battalion of Saints, White Cross, Beastie Boys, & Deep Wound. Good quality boot with covers and insert info.

State "No Illusions" flat out rips. 7 songs in just over 8 1/2 minutes. Midwest hardcore in top form, this Michigan unit plows forward song after song hanging ever so close to the edge of free falling into noise. But they hold the course and stay above the noise and instead deliver a sonic dose that could put them on a bill with the Necros around the time of their IQ 32 record (which is their best stuff in my humble opinion).

A classic record that isn't necessarily the most well known, but probably should be. The band apparently did an lp and has done some other stuff, continuing into at least 2010 with sporadic shows and recordings.

DOWNLOAD: State " No Illusions e.p."

PS- it was not discovered until I had posted and uploaded the record, but track 3 & 4 are both listed 'Hardline', however, track 3 is in fact the song 'Attention.'

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