Saturday, April 30, 2011

Backside - 3 Song 7inch

Another great record from one of my favorite local punk bands (Corona, California). Backside played what I guess would be best described as New School Skate Punk; somewhere between earlier Millencollin & Nofx, but with a much more consistently speedy pace that showed some of the old school hardcore roots they drew from.

This record was released before the release of their second LP "Disconnected, Misdirected" which was posted on the blog earlier HERE. It features 3 songs that would later appear, re-recorded, on the full length. 3 songs of speedy punk that is ever-so-slightly tinged by old school hardcore and has just a little melody thrown in with vocals that are almost spoken or shouted in a slightly snotty tone than they are screamed.

Backside cannot be mentioned without mentioning the legendary Showcase Theatre also located in Corona, Ca. Not only did Backside play there monthly for many years, but this 7 inch was acquired for free at a record release there, and I just have to say, a great fucking time was had & a Minor Threat cover was simply icing on the cake.

The show where said 7 inch was acquired. 

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